????XP pro video driver

By edmrb52 ·
One of my people disabled the video on their Toshibs Pro 6100 while trying to access a second monitor, now she has no video on the laptop because the driver is disabled. When booting in safe mode the file install hangs at agp.drv and goes nowhere. I do not want to have to do a clean install on this machine. If anybody can help it would save my butt. Thanks in advance.
EdB ebouche@charter.net

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disabled video how, and booting to safe mode does what?

by Screen Gems In reply to ????XP pro video driver

if you boot to safe mode, video drives other than the generic video drivers are not used so you will have video.

from there you can uninstall the vendor drivers.

If the user changed which monitor to use, you can change that in safe mode as well.

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reply to Screen Gema

by edmrb52 In reply to disabled video how, and b ...

When I boot into safe mode and windows loads files the system hangs on the agp drv file.Shae didn't actually change monitors that would have made things easier. The laptop never recognized the second monitor in the first place.

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Additional Info

by Starrdaark In reply to ????XP pro video driver

It would be helpful to know what you mean when you state, "...she has no video on the laptop because the driver is disabled." Does this mean she actually disabled the video driver using a method such as accessing the "Device Manager", right-clicking on the driver from the list, and selecting "disable"?

Aside from actual disablement of the driver, when dealing with multiple monitors the most frequent fix is to use the special function key on the keyboard which switches between different video output devices. On a laptop the key is generally on the top row function keys, shows in a different color than that used for the "F" keys (e.g., F1, F2, etc.), and requires simultaneously depressing a special key such as Fn (function). Repeatedly pressing the special (Fn) key and the appropriate video output selection key will cycle through the different output modes and may very well restore video to the primary display.

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reply to Starrdaark

by edmrb52 In reply to Additional Info

She actually disabled the video driver through device mgr. The F5 key does nothing to switch to another monitor. The computer never recognized the 2nd. video before she disabled the driver.

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Deleted File?

by TheChas In reply to ????XP pro video driver

It sounds more to me like a system or driver file was accidentally deleted or replaced.

As you cannot boot into safe mode, my best recommendation is to boot from the proper Windows CD and perform a repair or in-place upgrade installation.

Most of the time, a repair install does just that, replaces missing or corrupted system files.

If you have a service pack installed on this system that is newer than what is on your Windows CD, you will need to slip-stream the service pack and create a new install CD.

Just search the site for the term slip-stream and you should find a few Q&A threads and a couple of articles with details.

I would place the drive in a USB tray and copy off any critical files before performing the repair.

As an alternative to a repair install, you might be able to surgically replace the AGP and video driver files with the hard drive in a USB adapter.


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reply to TheChas

by edmrb52 In reply to Deleted File?

Thanks for the reply but I ended up having to do a clean install due to corrupted files. Windows repair could not repair the damage. It's up and running now with all updates and service packs. and locked with an admin. password.

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Are you sure that it's disabled or just not working?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ????XP pro video driver

It's possible that they set the Default Monitor tot he external one and that is the result here.

So have you tried plugging in an external Monitor/Projector and see what happens?

If that works you can reset the system to what it should be or you could try a In Place Install of the OS by following the directions here but you'll need a M$ Branded Install Disc not the Toshiba Recovery Disc.



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Dead video

by edmrb52 In reply to Are you sure that it's di ...

I ended up doing a clean install She delited the disabled the video driver and windows repair could repair the corrupted files. All is well now the system is running with all upgrades and service packs. Thanks for the post.

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