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    XP Pro vs XP Home


    by traccount ·

    Does anyone use XP Pro on a home computer? Is there a considerable difference in using XP Pro over XP Home for games and multimedia? I understand that XP Pro is superior in security and networking. My concern is for the Gaming aspect. Is the “professional” version apopropriate for games, multimedia ect. or is the Home version more geared toward multimedia?

    Many thanks in advance.

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      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to XP Pro vs XP Home

      There is nothing “lacking” in XP Pro, in terms of multimedia/gaming. There are only additional features that are attractive to the corporate user.


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      xp pro vs xp home

      by jakoben72 ·

      In reply to XP Pro vs XP Home

      check this address, easy and simple.. and then from the menu click PART VII APPENDICES> APPENDIX DIFFERENCES WITH WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION..

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      XP Pro is better than Home

      by citnetmajoratpurdue ·

      In reply to XP Pro vs XP Home

      The biggest difference between the two versions of XP is that XP Pro uses your proccessor and memory a little more efficently and XP Pro does not contain a lot of the unnecessary services.(Mostly unused by the user, but still take up tons of resources!) XP Pro also gets rid of the annoying ‘Owner’ username which is default in XP home and allows you to use your own name from the beginning instead of creating a new account.

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      XP Pro for games

      by a7v8x ·

      In reply to XP Pro vs XP Home

      I have never had a copy of XP Home until I bought a new Laptop, and have just bought a copy of XP Pro to replace it.
      I have always used XP Pro on home machines and it plays all the games my family has ever wanted to play! It is 48% faster than XP Home (from Tech websites) therefore surely it should be fater in processing games.

      I cannot understand, apart from the small cost differentian, all the family targetted PC’s are sold with XP Home. As a tech I cannot believe how many XP Home versions I see in businesses, typically small ones who NEED Pro for its functionality, back-up routines etc.

      XP Home should be phased out now that the XP Pro price is coming down.

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      Can’t remember were..

      by araxis ·

      In reply to XP Pro vs XP Home

      I believe it was a article I read 2 or 3 yrs back on CNET.COM about XP HOME being nothing but a “crippled version of pro”. The author illustrated in the article that the best bang for the buck between the 2 was XP PRO.

      From my own experience having used both I will say yes PRO not only is faster but you have more control over resource allocation which pans out to tweaks & speed..

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      I do everything with XP Pro

      by jrice ·

      In reply to XP Pro vs XP Home

      Games no problem I play all the latest like Frycry, Call of Duty etc no issues, Multi Media no issues I burn DVDS CDS play mp3 watch video, networking is a plus with XP Pro. XP Pro is also tougher so if you do crash it its fine, when I work its great for multi tasking apps. XP Home blows huge, really no better then Windows 98 as far as I am concerned. XP Home also breaks easier. There is a cost difference so thats why XP Home is often used

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        XP Pro Much Better

        by whamii ·

        In reply to I do everything with XP Pro

        I have 5 computers running in my home and all but one uses Pro. I am using Home for my childrens pc only because at the time I was strapped for cash. But in all my dealings with computers I have come to the conclusion that Pro allows for more better control of the many security issues and troubleshooting aspects. This make my job as a repair tech much easier.

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