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XP Pro will NOT install

By illyad6 ·
I have an older PC (AMD K6-2 350)that has run XP Pro before. I moved to a bigger hard drive (60 GB Western Digital)and needed a BIOS upgrade to support the larger drive but didn't have access to the upgrade. I used the WD workaround (Yes, I know the WD software doesn't like XP). It worked fine. I finally got the upgrade to my Award BIOS and now I cannot load XP. I have tried both NTFS AND FAT32 file systems. I can load Win98 SE with no problem but XP ALWAYS hangs at various stages of the install. Ideas?

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by Naamor In reply to XP Pro will NOT install

Have you tried partitioning the HDD?

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Tried that but....

by illyad6 In reply to Partition

I have partitioned the hard drive using both FAT32 and NTFS. I usually cut my drives in 3 pieces: Main or Windows, Programs and Data. However with the 60GB drive perhaps my partitions exceeded a size limit. Thanks for the reply!

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Partition size limits

by djent In reply to XP Pro will NOT install

Boot patition size limits as follows: FAT32= 30GB, NTFS=1023 cyl or 7.68GB.

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Size limits? How archaic!

by illyad6 In reply to Partition size limits

Really, I didn't know that about boot partition sizes. You're saying my WINDOWS partition (I cut my drives in 3 pieces... Main or Windows, Programs and Data.) HAS to be 1023cyl/7.68GB or smaller!?? I'll look into that, but I'm fairly sure I DID try the installation with a FAT32 partition of 10-15GB with no success. Still.... Thanks for the tip!

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I don't think that's right.

by MTBerJim In reply to Size limits? How archaic ...

I'm running XP with NTFS and it's on a 20gig partition, I also Installed XP on a 40gig partition, 2 days ago. I would check your disk, is it a copy or an original? I've also seen 2000 hang on a video card driver when I was building my server. I swapped the card and it installed fine. Good luck, Jim D.

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Hangs in a different spot each time...

by illyad6 In reply to I don't think that's righ ...

Part of the problem I've had figuring this out is that the install seems to hang in a different spot every time.
What did you mean about original disk or copy? I have a copy but I'm quite sure it is legitimate software and I have installed from this CD before on previous incarnations of this particular PC. I've never registered XP, is there a Microsoft timebomb I've missed or something?

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Bad Copy


The product that you are referring to will not install because it is an illegal copy of the software.

I have sent my thugs over to your place of install to properly rectify the situation.

I hope that you have a nice day, and thank you for your support of our incredibly bad Micro$hit software.

Billy Gatez

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Partition Limit ???

by rsison In reply to Partition size limits

To make it straight Win2k and xp don't have limitation. You could install on the biggest hard drive you can find in the market. I used 120GB without a problem.
With that situation it seems your problem is either on the BIOS or on your hardware. Toisolate the problem it is advisable to install the OS without any card and disable those integrated component such as the sound card, modem, network card. Last but not the least disable the virus detectionsoftware that comes with the motherboard.
Remember keep it simple.
If it still fails .. try another disk if you have that option.

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Guess I've been lazy...

by illyad6 In reply to Partition Limit ???

I've put off pulling all the hardware from the box and trying the install that way. I AM using the latest BIOS for my box so I guess that's my next step, the "KISS" approach. The "*****" is I was running XP on this box for nearly a year... the only thing I did was move to a larger HD. sigh "Here goes..."


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Remnants of WD tools

by TheChas In reply to XP Pro will NOT install


Since you are now using an updated BIOS, are the remnants of the WD tools removed from the drive?

The best way, is to use the WD floppy, and follow the sequence for booting from a floppy, then un-install the software.

You can sometimes get rid of these programs by using the /mbr switch from fdisk.
Run fdisk /mbr

It is also possible that either the CD drive is going bad, or that the CD copy of XP is loosing a few bits here and there.


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