Xp pro wireless connect to server 2003

By Ninea ·
Hi all

I work at a school were we have around 50 workstations and one domain server running, and now we have 10 new laptops running xp pro sp3 and they have to run wireless.

I have it all setup, i use a router that is connected to the wired network.

But when i logon, the network starts up fine but after 40 sec the connection to the server drops but the internet still works fine, and after a litle time the connection is back and drops again.

When i login as anybody and use the cmd gpupdate /force and press yes when promted, the computer restarts and then the net connection works for maybe five more reboots, and then the same thing happens.

If there are some specs needed i'll post them.

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event logs?

by NexS In reply to Xp pro wireless connect t ...

Have you checked the event logs of the laptop at the time of each drop out?

You should be able to determine what type of issue you're having by the error given in these logs...

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Look at your security protocols!

by ggrimes In reply to Xp pro wireless connect t ...

This sounds like you have user protocols setup which allows users to log on to the DC but when the security functions kick in the connection is severed. I do not have the Microsoft Server 2003 Server admin manuals which I would recommend you purchase or I could get more specific. Maybe this will point you in the right direction. Review your security setup something might just pop up you missed before. Another way to drill down on the issue would be to assign static IP's on the network inside addresses on the laptops. Also use the NIC card address. Then go into DC and configure those addresses. Basically the DC needs to know which wireless connection is authorized. Don't open your network up to any wireless connection that's a mistake. Once you have one laptop with a connection stable then configure the rest the same way. Here is a link that may help get you started.
Another resource you have is to purchase Microsoft Tech Net service. Maybe this with get you to pointed in the right direction.

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by Ninea In reply to Look at your security pro ...

Hi again

And thanks for the reply, i will try first to check the log files, and see if anything comes up, and then check if any security settings might cause the problem. I'll post back how it goes, but i have sick kids so dont now when i'll be back to work to try it.

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It works :)

by Ninea In reply to Thanks

Hi again

I tried to look at my security and look at the event logs, in the event log system i got and error 40690, but i was not able to correct it, so i have reinstallet one laptop and that one is running perfekt just as all the wired one's. So i don't now if there was some kind of conflikt, but i will reinstall all the laptop that has to run wireless.

Thanks for the replies

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