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xp pro won't boot

By johgre ·
I am unable to boot up in win xp pro. I tried to safe boot and it fails also. When trying to enter safe boot the screen stops and the last line displayed is for the Agp440.sys file.

I am running a ntfs file system. The operating system was installed with a clean install. Seems like all I have is problems since installing xp.

Any ideas as to how to repair without reinstalling.


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by cglrcng In reply to xp pro won't boot

upon restart try F8 and go back to last known good configuration. If you don't have a last known good configuration and this is the first system start after a fresh install of XP, then I would pull the AGP video card and try another or try a PCI video card. Install that driver correctly, then try to change out the AGP Video card. Are you sure the vid card is matched to the board? Have you installed the AGP video drivers correctly w/ AV scanner software off? try searching for and possibly replacing the AGP440.sys file using the command console?

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by pgm554 In reply to xp pro won't boot

Sounds like an IRQ problem.Pull or disable any cards which may be conflicting with the AGP IRQ.

If it were a driver ,you could at least get into safe mode with a generic VGA driver.

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by johgre In reply to

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It's not an Irq problem. This computer has been working fine with no problems of any kind. It was turned off at night and the next morning when it was turned on it stopped before the log on screen. I tried to go into safe mode and the same thing happens. I tried the last good known configuration and still nothing.


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by Stilton In reply to xp pro won't boot

Hi - I had a problem with a friends computer not so long ago where it wouldnt boot. To get round it - booted from the CD, went into recovery console and ran fdisk /s /d (you'll need to check those switches) it took about 1 1/2 hours to run - but it did the trick. If you havent got a bootable CD you can get boot floppies from the microsoft web site. Not sure if this will fix your problem but might be worth a go.

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by pgm554 In reply to xp pro won't boot

My rule of thumb when trouble shooting a system is to break everthing down to it's simplest working configuration.

1.Disable or pull any card or device that is not necessary to boot the system.This includes NIC,soundcards,etc.

2.Reset the BIOS to default.

3.Boot into safe mode.If you can't get a GUI,try the command prompt.The chkdsk /f thing might be a
thing to try if you can't get to a GUI.

4.Otherwise boot the cd and get into recovery console and do a repair.

I have had systems where the BIOS settings changed overnight after turning things off.

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