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XP Pro workgroup doesn't see Win98 pc

By 72datsun ·
I have a Windows XP workgroup and want to add a Win98 desktop, but the XP machines do not see the Win98 machine and the Win98 machine does not see the XP machines.

I have confirmed the hardware is working and the networking protocols include TCP/IP and NetBeui.

Any ideas?

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by RCOM In reply to XP Pro workgroup doesn't ...

You don't actually need both protocols. NetBeui is more secure for sharing and not accessable from outside. You can bind NetBeui just to file and print sharing. But TCP/IP will work for both.

The Components needed;
1. Client
2. Protocol-TCP/IP or NetBuei
3. IP addressing and subnet mask
4. Workgroup
5. Shares/Permissions
6. Users login and password

More than likely the problem you're having is that you haven't added the 98 users on XP.

So if win98 station one logs in as "station1" with a password of "letmein" that user with the same password must be added to the users list for the XP system.

A Firewall may be blocking network traffic. Windows XP comes with a builtin firewall that can be disabled in the properties of the network connection. If you use a software firewall you'll need to change the settings as directed by the instructions provided with the program. Disconnect from the internet then disable any firewall to see if that's the problem. Before reconnecting to the internet find out how to allow the workgroup traffic and still block others.

If you have a highspeed connection and your network is setup using DHCP then more than likely the cable/DSL modem or router is providing firewall services and may also be blocking the internal connnections. You may need to go into the settings and allow for your local network traffic to pass. Use the instructions that came with your unit.

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by andypiesse In reply to XP Pro workgroup doesn't ...

XP does not have netbeui so wastes bandwidth. TCP/IP must be installed on all PCs and settings should be correct. With a netmask of and address of 192.168.0.x where x is unique for each PC on network and must be between 1 and 254. 0 and 254 are reserved. 1 is usually the router. to see an xp from a win98 pc not only must the login name be on both but the username has to have network permissions
first test they can physical see each other by using ping in the DOS box (98 to XP doesn't work if XP firewall is on). should be able to see win98 PC from XP in network n/hood

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