XP Prof. upgrade to Windows 7

By teresawillis ·
When I originally bought my present computer, I elected to have XP Professional installed and Vista Upgrade disk was shipped w/it. Have ordered Windows 7. Which would be simpler - upgrade XP to Vista and then install Windows 7 or do clean install of Windows 7 and then reinstall about 20 programs? Have 500gb external drive and backups of everything but want least time-consuming solution.

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there is no upgrade

by Triathlete1981 In reply to XP Prof. upgrade to Windo ...

must be a clean installation to Windows 7

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Go With Clean Install

by TheChas In reply to XP Prof. upgrade to Windo ...

While performing the 2 step upgrade might take less time now, overall, you are going to have better performance and save time by performing a clean fresh install of Windows 7.

A clean install is ALWAYS the best way to update an operating system.

Keep in mind that some programs may need to be reinstalled and / or patched after installing Windows 7 anyway.

Just make sure you have all of your product keys and have checked the applications for compatibility with Windows 7.

Run the Windows 7 upgrade advisor to find out about any potential problems with an upgrade.




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I'm with Chas

by PurpleSkys In reply to Go With Clean Install

clean install is always the best way to go...save what you want to save then wipe and load...nice pretty new OS...yes it's a pain to load up your programs afterwards, but it's a nice, clean OS

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Clean Install of Windows 7

by teresawillis In reply to I'm with Chas

Thanks all! Will check programs for compatibility and hope I don't have to replace too many programs. Will do clean install. Guess it was just wishful thinking on my part in wanting to just upgrade. Gonna take the plunge! Thanks again!

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