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    xp professsional and win 2003 connection


    by khnart ·

    I have two machines, one an Xp proffessional and a 2003server machines. I have been trying for a week now to connect the two but no success. The xp prof can access all shared folders on the 2003 machine but not the other way round. I have enabled file sharing on all, created similar users on all, changed network cards, they can ping each other, they can see each other as well in network neighbouhood. Anytime I try to acces the xp machine I a message to cantact the administrator on the xp machine. When I disable the guest account a dialog box comes up. What am I not doing well. Both machine have static ip’s and in the same workgroup. I need help ASAP. All sugestions can also be sent to

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      Possibly the XP Firewall

      by dparr ·

      In reply to xp professsional and win 2003 connection

      If you are unable to access shares on the windows xp machine have you checked the status of the windows xp firewall. This enables by default on sp2. This would account for you being able to connect to the 2003 server from the xp machine but not vice versa.

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        maybe account

        by markin ·

        In reply to Possibly the XP Firewall

        On the XP machine, do you have the account set up to let the 2003 server access it? I know i had to add the main login from the 2003 to the users of the XP machine. The reason why you can connect to the 2003 server is because you set up an account and logged into the server, but for XP, it also needs a trust relationship so you can talk across the network.

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        Reply To: xp professsional and win 2003 connection

        by masfarahnak ·

        In reply to Possibly the XP Firewall

        if your 2003 server has an ip, like
        just type this \\
        in the run and then you can connect to your 2003 shared folders.


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        XP Not Responding with Windows 2003 Connection Utlimately

        by abdulm ·

        In reply to Possibly the XP Firewall

        My Organization Facing Problems with Strucks and Not Responding Errors Between XP Prof and Windows 2003 when cleint access Map Drive of Windows 2003 to XP Prof and access Word, Excel and any other Autocad Files. Its getting strucks.

        Any suggestion regarding this will be accepted

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