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XP Random Freezes

By morry9086 ·
Have all current drivers,updates etc for Xp Service pack 1 ....after a few hours my PC locks up for no reason at all , could be while sitting on desktop doing nuthing or using a program..sometimes for hours ok sometimes in 10 mins...when it does this the Hard Drive light stays on...what the **** could it be..Even Viewer says nothing...all the Hardware is fine inc Drives and I have Nortons updated?

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by dmiles In reply to XP Random Freezes

This could be any number of things causing this to happen,by elimination

Check the BIOS configuration to insure that cpu and bus speed are set correctly.

The video drivers may be causing a conflict,check device manager for any yellow exclamation marks,that would cause a conflict.Up date the video drivers

Make sure that system is not heating up,which would cause the system to lock up

Insure that memory is seated in the slots properly

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by cntrysky In reply to XP Random Freezes

Of course as everyone always mentions, use a spyware tool such as Adaware or Spybot and do a complete scan on your system. Locksup can always be caused by spyware.

Spybot has a new version now:


It would be a good idea to have both on your system and do a scan at least once or twice a week with each. One can always miss what the other can catch.


Has any changes been made to the system before this all started to happen? Software/Hardware added/removed?

Have you tried the basics to isolate the problem by doing a cleanboot?

Normally that is done by using MSCONFIG from the Run field to select Selective Startup and unchecking System.ini, Win.ini, and Load Startup Items. This will disable all your startup items for now. You may as well go to the Services tab and click on "Hide all Microsoft Services" and then click on Disable to disable the rest. Afterwards restart and try that for a while. I know the look that XP is left with isn't that great but try it for a while and if it still locks up let us know.

If it doesn't lock up for a fairly good period of time then go back to MSCONFIG and enable everything in the Selective Startup section except for Startup Items. Retry that for a while. If no lockups then select Startup Items and go to the Startup tab and check half at a time. If no lock ups then slowly check a few others at a time til you find out what program could be causing the problem. If no problem then it could be one of those services under the Services tab. Its pretty much a process of elimination. If there were lockups then it could be one of those selected items.

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by jun1cez1 In reply to XP Random Freezes

You did not give the specs of the PC but the last time i had spent nearly 2 days troubleshooting this problem, i come to the solution that it is the BRAND NEW "SAMSUNG" Harddrive causing it. I had done everything imaginable as what a tech will do but all failed.
Funny thing was that Norton SpeedDisk said it is OKAY. It also happened twice on a new Western Digital harddrive.
Unfortunately, troubleshooting something like this will be too hard as identifying the harddrive especially a brand new one as the culprit is not to easy.
I would try using a different HDD to see if the same problem will happen.
Good luck.

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