XP re-install - My Documents access denied

By adamstanecki ·
I have recently re-installed Windows XP after the system file became corrupt. I initially performed a repair but found a full re-install was required.

During the setup I requested the same username as I used on the previous installation, my old "My Documents" folder was kept however when I try to access it I receive the following error message:

C:\Documents and Settings\{username} is not accessible.

Access is denied.

Explorer thinks the directory is empty. But when I defragged the disk I recognised files that exist in that directory.

I used Recover My Files by GetData to see if I ccould find more info, many of the files that exist solely if the afore mentioned directory were located.

I have full admin privileges.
All updates as recommended by (inc. SP2) are installed.

The low-down, the files are there but I can't access them.

Can anyone recommend a solution?

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to XP re-install - My Docume ...

If you used the quick format option then i would do it four times.If the standard format do it twice.A virus activity is still present

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to formatting

You need to regain ownership of the files, via the Security, Advanced tabs to get back access as the SIDs will be different for your account.

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All sorted out

by adamstanecki In reply to Access

It was a file ownership problem. Thanks PJ for your suggestion. Also had issues when re-istalling some programs. Fixed that byu giving SYSTEM ownership too.

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Hi Adam

by Tig2 In reply to All sorted out

Please take a moment and rate PJ's answer as "helpful". It helps others reading your question who may have a similar problem to know what the solution is.


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by stephen_e_mcdonald In reply to Access

How do I access the Security function in Windows XP?

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Same Problem

by lordruby In reply to Security?

I've got the same problem that Stephen had. I'm using Windows XP, and when I click on the folder, there is no security tab. I have a Sharing tab, but there is no Advanced button there, so I am assuming something is up.

I too had to perform a system restore, but I had the XP installer backup my files. It put them into a My Backup folder, and I've been able to restore evening except for my original My Documents folder, which sits under the Owner folder group. The problem is that the Owner group is restricted, even though I am the only user and administrator, and if I try to move, copy, rename, etc. I get an Access Denied message.

If anyone can help, I would be most appreciative.

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try this...

by aloima In reply to XP re-install - My Docume ...

copy the folder to a fat32 partition, that should remove the encryption.

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by Brooklyns Finest In reply to XP re-install - My Docume ...

If this is a xp pro workstation you can set yourself full permissions of the folder by making yourself the owner of the folder...FIRST make sure the folder on the drive disk is Dynamic then right click the folder go to sharing and on the advanced option then go to ownership...once here you can select yourself as owner giving you full permission of the folder. One note...if you change the disk to dynamic you will not be able to dual boot off that disk...please be advised.

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