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XP Reboots when selecting Shut Down

By support ·
I have a XP Home PC (SP2)(Dell Dimension 5100) where when selecting shutdown, the system reboots.Also if you press the power button, the system does not power of, but reboots.Have used the recovery cd to restore factory defaults but again reboots when selecting shutdown. I do not have Roxio\Easy CD\Direct CD installed as sometimes this is the cause. I have also checked that i have no tick in "Automatically Reboot" in Startup and Recovery. So I am bit stuck and help would be appricated. Thankyou in advance

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP Reboots when selecting ...

One possible problem is that the Soft Power Switch is faulty and allowing this to occure. In one case I found that the switch was partially sticking because of a bad molding on the plastic part of the Switch Button.

But it this was the case it would have been that way from New and maybe even over time got better as the molding inperfections wore away.

Have you altered anything in the BIOS just Prior to this happening? As it really sounds like a BIOS problem with something not set correctly. You could always try Flashing the BIOS to the newest version available and see if that cures the problem to.

There is another posibility as well and that is a build up of dust and other rubbish inside the case which could be causing a Short if you clean out the insides of the case this almost always cures problems like this but be careful and don't use any Static Dusters inside the case I prefer Canned Air or a vacum cleaner to suck out the dust and other rubbish but just make sure that you don;t use any attachments just the hose and suck away as much as possible. If you can switch the vacume cleaner to blow this works better and you can cover the entire insides of the case without any harm.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

Just one thing to remember here if you use any form of compressed air to clean out the case make sure that you have stoped the fans from spinning as if left alone they will generate an eletcric current which could damage the M'Board.

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by support In reply to XP Reboots when selecting ...

I forgot to say that i have upgraded the BIOS but still reboots...
I will contact dell about the power switch and see what they say.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to XP Reboots when selecting ...

i recommend a vacuum made for this. you're gonna get charged blowing on your stuff from a regular vacuum. static damage is cumulative shortens the life the equipment, doesn't necessarily show up right away...
you probably already tried this, doesn't sound relevant but did you try safe mode?
did you try a bootable disk to see if the power switch behaves when booted from a bootable cd or floppy. maybe hal will send you one of his links. which i would never click on myself.

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by TheChas In reply to XP Reboots when selecting ...

You can check if the problem is a bad power button by unplugging the switch from the motherboard and seeing if the PC now shuts down.

I myself have dealt with several PCs where the power control logic on the motherboard failed.

On an ATX system, when you press the power button, you actually send a logic pulse to circuitry on the motherboard that then switches the power supply from standby to run.

This same circuit is also used to place the power supply back into standby mode.


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by OTL In reply to XP Reboots when selecting ...

Did you check the BIOS power option for "always on" being checked ? I have several set this way for remote system access.

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