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XP Registry Scripts

By it ·
XP regedit when logon to NT4
I have 50 WinXP clients who logon to a NT4 PDC. I need to edit the registry of all XP users, and thought that doing that via a login script would be ideal...if it worked!
On the NT box I have gone into user mananger and input the path to the login directory \\MYSERVER\NETLOGIN\ for each user. Then in that directory I have 1 batch file that runs a programme to audit PCs software: AUDIT.BAT
This runs perfectly on XP login without the user knowing, however- I added the following to the batch file but it does not work-
regedit /s \\P200-3\netlogon\legal.reg
This should call a reg file (below) which is also in the NETLOGON directory, that edits the registry on the XP PC on logon as follows:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mi crosoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
"LegalNoticeCaption"="BLAH BLAH BLAH Important Notice!"

If I run the reg file on the box itself it works a treat but for some reason it seems it canot find the file on the NT or the actual regedit is wrong for XP...
Any help appreciated & thanx for your time.

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XP Reg Scripts

by bdiehl In reply to XP Registry Scripts

If you are running this from a .BAT instead of a .CMD, i have noticed that you need to map the drive "net use X: \\server\share" then run your
regedit /s X:\legal.reg
then run "net use X: /delete" .BATs don't play well with UNC naming stuff.
That i just my .02 cents.

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