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    XP Registry security reset utility


    by maidens ·

    PC with 60 viruses & 800+ malware machine cleaned but in the process “lost” the security settings for lots of registry keys. I amd trying to install SP3 but it errors when trying to backup the registry with “access denied”. I can reset the security on an individual key by taking ownership the applying full access to admin. Have done this to about 100 keys so far. Tell SP3 to retry it then gives you the next problem key. Is there a utility that can do this? non of the registry cleaners I have tried check the security. I have tried ccleaner, registry mechanic, malwarebytes reg assassin (tried to delete a registry key and it could not do it – access denied). Any suggestions?

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      by maidens ·

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      I would…

      by —tk— ·

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      Go into “safe mode”, click start > run command > regedit.exe > and first backup your entire registry (just incase measure), after you back up your hive (right click My computer > export and save it). I would right click each of the 5 hives, assign “special” permissions, and check the “Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects.” just make sure Adminstration, system, and create owner have full control… and you are part of the admin group… and if the doesnt work you can always restore the orginal hive that you backed up.

      You could also try while in safe mode running chkdsk /R after that is done run SFC /SCANNOW that might help…

      But after all this trouble shooting… on a PC with 60 viruses + 800 malware… I would just booted to a linux live CD, pulled their data, and reinstalled XP… God only knows the extent of the damage that has been done.

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        Thank for your help SP3 now installed

        by maidens ·

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        Thanks for your help, the other poster suggested SubinAcl.exe and that worked. I had tried your solution but got “access denied on some subkeys” message. I would have liked to wipe the machine but it has come from France and has french applications on it. the client was not keen for me to wipe them. chkdsk and sfc already run. PC seems happy now.

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      by rob miners ·

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        Thanks that did it

        by maidens ·

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        Hi I had already tried secedit and that failed, but SubinAcl did the trick. I had actually read the article you posted but had ignored the SubinAcl as I misread it to be only XP Home. SP3 now installed and PC happily installing updates.

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