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Xp restarts during boot

By ridgerel ·
After slowing down and, freezing occasionally, windows xp now continuosly restarts during boot up at the "loading windows xp" screen. Now when it restarts I get a screen that says "windows did not start last time..." and boot up options. I get the same result in trying in safe mode. Thought it might be power supply, replaced it. Same result. Swapped hard drives. New one boots up..but windows doesn't see my cddrive. Bios confirms the cddrive is installed but windows doesn't see it. My main concern would be the initial hard drive that is restarting on boot. It would be nice not to have to reformat. Alot of info gone. I would beg for any help I could get. Thanks, Ridge

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by ridgerel In reply to Xp restarts during boot

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by sleepsalot In reply to Xp restarts during boot

Try starting in the last known good configuration. This is some time able to get you going again.


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by glyall In reply to Xp restarts during boot

Check your motherboard
Next to the CPU check the capacitors.
If they are flat on top they are good, if raised
one or more the capacitors are bad.
You will have to replace the motherboard.

The data on the harddrive should still be on the hard drive if you have not reformatted it.

You can get the data from the hard drive by making it a slave drive in another PC with Win XP on it.

Good Luck

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by ridgerel In reply to

Caps seem to be good...don't have another xp machine to use the original hd as a slave. Thanks for trying though...I appreciate all I can get.

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by prancer In reply to Xp restarts during boot

While it may not the problem in your case, no harm in checking the following out.

I had a similar frequent rebooting problem a while ago in my old pc using windows me.

After much wasted efforts, problem was traced to cpu getting overheated due its cooling fan being clogged with dust. Cleaned it and it became ok. Now a days I open and clean atleast once in 6 months after that incident.

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by ridgerel In reply to

One of the first things I checked was dust in the case, and then power supply. Intermittent problems seem to lead to power supply most of the time. Thanx for the help though.

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by willcomp In reply to Xp restarts during boot

Although difficult to pinpoint precisely, your problem could be caused by several things.

What it is not is bad capacitors. Also most likely not a driver issue since it also fails to start in safe mode.

You most likely have one of the following problems:

1) Faulty RAM. If you have more than one stick, try booting with each stick separately.

2) Corrupt registry. If this is the case, should show a black screen after splash screen and immediately reboot. Try disabling restart on error in boot menu (F8, same as going to safe mode) so you can see error message.

3) Bad sector on hard disk.

4) Faulty video adapter. Not very likely, but still a possibility.

If you are getting an error message, post back with contents.

Also need to know if an XP install on new hard drive was successful.

We can help you recover your data files, if necessary.


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by willcomp In reply to

Give me some more info (post comment to question) if you have any.

A corrupt registry can usually be repaired, especially if you have the use of another PC with XP installed.

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by dmiles In reply to Xp restarts during boot

This is one feature of Windows XP that detects a hardware or software problem.
Start wuth the video driver,then you should check the device manbgeer

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by ridgerel In reply to

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