xp restarts

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Ok, my problem is that whenever I turn on my computer, it boots, then loads windows xp, starts to start windows, but reboots just before the login screen. Basically its a giant loop... boots-loads-starts-boots-loads-starts-boots-etc. you get the point. I'm using windows xp home sp2, intel grafics card, intel 2.53ghz processor, 512 mb ram. Also, I think what is causing this problem is a virus. I got one in the System Volume Information folder in my c: root drive. Permission to this file isnt even granted to the administrator, so I looked online for a fix, but all i came across is that that folder is for system restore, and turning off the system restore will empty the folder. So I turned it off, then rebooted and encountered this problem. This is all the information i know. Oh, and I also tried booting in safe mode... but still reboots itself before login. What I'm asking for is an answer to how to erase the virus, or just get my computer to work. Thank you in advance for your help.
P.S. sorry if anything is wrong with this post, I'm typing all this on my nintendo wii's internet, as my computer isn't working. Once again, please help, and thank you.

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I would suggest

by ctrservices In reply to xp restarts

you do an in-place reinstalation (so as not to lose data) found here

Then, since the virus will still be resident in the SysInfo file, boot to Safe Mode, making System Folders accessible through Folder Options (explore the C drive--click Tools--click Folder Options--under "Hidden files and folders" tick "Show hidden files and folders"--then uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"). Then, run the virus scan on the System Volume Information folder.

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