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xp rollout

By ptrainor ·
problem: got to upgrade 100 NT 4 stations ( 4 rooms , each with identical hardware ) to XP pro......... however most of the stations have broken cd drives and/or floppy drives and non pxe network cards. Have ghost and drive centre deploy.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to xp rollout

Before you even try to start this are you sure that the Hardware is XP compatible?

Are there enough resources to allow XP to work on these systems in a fashion that is useful to you as well?


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by rkuhn In reply to xp rollout

The newest version of Ghost can push images out over a network connection without a PXE capable NIC. This shouldn't be a problem.

Could be quite expensive licensing wise, but it can be done.

Or, and very manual but cheaper, buy an external CD-ROM for any PC's that don't have a functional CD-ROM. Buy one and move it from PC to PC.

For my Ghosted PC's, I have set them up with 2 partitions...c: and e:. e: has the image and a "source" folder...these are remote PC's with slow internet connections so sharing a drive on a server isn't practical.

The source folder contains our typical software used: Acrobat, Spybot, SUS reg changes, Tricert, Citrix, etc. Anything that I may need to individually reinstall in the future.

Not zipped (we don't pay for Winzip unless we have to) and even with all potential drivers for printers and everything, this is maybe 4GB on a 40GB drive.

Then, I have a CD with the ghost.exe on it that is bootable. I run the bootable CD and it automatically goes to the e: partition, fetches the image and reimages it.

Therefore, I have reimage abilities as well as individual reinstall abilities.

Additional options include using a daemon tool to make a virtual CD-ROM drive.

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by jwilson In reply to xp rollout

1. Find one system with a working floppy and cd-rom.

2. Ghost the drive with your image.

3. Ghost the remaining drives IDE to IDE.

4. Make sure you remember which drive is which.

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by ptrainor In reply to xp rollout

Thank you all for your help. Problem has now been resolved......... had to do it pc by pc!

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by Blue screen In reply to xp rollout

RUn sysprep with the shutdown option on the good drive then ghost disk to disk takes 4 minutes.

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