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XP running slow

By Blue screen ·
Why is my WIndows XP running slow? Is there something i can check or is there any tools for XP to speed up or tweaks i should use?

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by glyall In reply to XP running slow

There is a lot of reasons for a slow down for a PC
Adware and spyware are the first to check for and remove
use Ad-Aware and Spy-Brot to clean them up

a badly frag hard drive also slow down a PC

a GREAT tool is EasyCleaner 2.0 by ToniArts
cleans up the register, unnecseeary files and other tools are included in this prgrams.
If you surf the Web alot it will clean up all files that webs site install on the PC

this a few ways to help clean up a PC to get it running better again
there are other out there that you can use.
a site for more info and tools is

Good Luck

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by paul.n In reply to XP running slow

check your memory, 256K and above is best
run task manager to see what processes are running and if necessary run msconfig to take unwanted programs out

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by darleneruelland106 In reply to XP running slow

go to start, run, and type in msconfig - go to the services tab, and check the box that says hide all microsoft services, some things in there you do not need running only a virus scanner, so anything else you could remove the check marks, then go to the startup tab, check disable all, and put the check marks back into your anti virus scanner that is it. Run a spyware program and delete any spyware that may be on the system as well.

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by paul.a.wisniewski In reply to XP running slow

There could be so many reasons for xp running slow , from new software installed, spyware
viruses, even if your hardware is old, when you say slow be more detailed , is it slow on the Internet ? when programs open ? do you understand where im coming from ?

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