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xp runs very slow

By mmizzell ·
ran chkdsk, added memory,and virus scan.the computer still runs very slow

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by darts32 In reply to xp runs very slow

check for AD ware.

2 good free scanners found here:

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by YetAnotherAdmin In reply to xp runs very slow

Also check task manager to see wich processes are running high on CPU or memory usage.

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by rhema7 In reply to xp runs very slow

not knowing what you specs are I will make suggestions in general.
1. XP need 128mb of RAM (on paper) bare min (real world) 256 bare min. (my opinion) 512mb.
2. update drivers
3. Look for software patchs
4. Update windows
5. Check for Adware/Spyware (go to and search to download Adaware and or Spybot search and destroy)
6. Check for trojans ( a squared is a fine trojan scanner that will also prevent spyware from installing)
7. Maintain a firewall (at least a software one hardware and software together is better)
Sygate and ZoneAlarm are good and free (also at snapfiles)
8. Do not use MSCONFIG as a means to disable unwanted startup item download a startup manager from snapfile (Mike Lin's startup controll panel is my fovorite but spybot search and destroy can do this also in advanced mode so you can save installing anothe proggy)
9. Go to (he has a very comprehensive list of service that can be stopped because they have no use to common people will save some RAM look under XPservices at his site)
10. maintain a good Antivirus program upto date with all the latest signatures. (if you can not or will not afford one Avast!! is my favorite free one AVG is 2nd get them at once again


Can anyone tell me if html works on theis board I could just post links if so.

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by rhema7 In reply to
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by rhema7 In reply to

Man I could use a spell check

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by dragonbill In reply to xp runs very slow

Just a shot out of left field, you do not specify the machine. I've had experience with Dell laptops that run some app. called dadtray. When a user complained of a slow computer I entered the tast manager and check the Processes. Dadtray was using most of the CPU for some reason. I chose to end process tree and the systems would work normally.

The bottom line is to check the Processes in the Task Manager and see what might be using your resources.

Good luck, Bill

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by Gh0ztALArM In reply to xp runs very slow

Could be adware, could be spyware, a virus, too many running processes, low ram, low resources
things like temp internet, cookies, ect needs cleaned out, registry needs cleaned out due to misc values, is the video sharing your system ram?

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by Whatme? In reply to xp runs very slow

After checking all of the above...check Start..Progarms..Start menu and delete any statup that you don't need. Next..check your sys tray (the one in the bottom left hand side to see what other programs are running )in the background))Close the ones you don't need. For a permament fix of me.
Last and probably the most important. Try this. Right click on "My computer"...then go to properties. Go to Advanced tab...Performance ....settings and adjust for best performance
You will like what you see

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