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Xp scandisk loop

By pittseye ·
I have a Pent933 with XP Pro, which boots, runs scan disk, restarts, endless loop. I would like to know the software/hardware side of why? How? Correcting it. Am A current student in Net Admin. I appreciate the tips, sugestions, and where I messed up.

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by Jwagdy In reply to Xp scandisk loop

I need more info about the computer history to be able to help you. But if I assumed that the computer was working fine before this loop takes place, then can you enter the windows in Safe Mode? You can do that by clicking F8 right after the black screen apears that has windows XP loading in it.

If the computer is able to log into the safe mode, then i would say that maybe a courpted driver is causing your problem.. in that case try to check your VGA, Modem, Network drivers.

But if windows XP wasn't able to log in Safe Mode, then i suggest that you save your time "if you have a copressed schoudle" and reinstall it again over the copy that you have.

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by Kc 1 In reply to Xp scandisk loop

you could also use autoexec.bat and config.sys
files to search for the non dos items in the lines ,pull them out if it works properly you know the problem. by the way you must boot to a floppy to or in safe mode like the guy said before . these are the files the system starts up with.

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by csmith In reply to Xp scandisk loop

I have seen this problem three times.
Once it was a virus that issued a NMI.
Once it was the Hard Drive.
Once it was something corrupt, that I never figured out.A "zero fill" and XP reload cured the problem.
I do not think this was your fault.
Regards, Chris

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