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XP Scanner Installation Issues

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I have recently purchased a Canon EVO N1015v laptop, this came with XP pro. Like most new technology, all I had to do was press the ON button and off it went, installed XP, all of the drivers.....
The problem came when I plugged in my HP Office jetR45, it instantly recognized the printer and installed it, but it would not have a piece of the scanner. I then proceeded to the HP support site, There was a short self help FAQ which was vague and unsuccessful. Apparently they do not supply driversOR support when it comes to this scanner being used in XP, this I found when I rang support and was referred to Microsoft, who could give me no useful answers either.
All I need to know are the names of the specific files needed to drive this device and I can install them manually, can anyone help?

-Derek Robertson (

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1 option

by TheChas In reply to XP Scanner Installation I ...

You cannot install a device driver by simply copying files.

There are a number of registry keys that need to be modified, and many of the files need to be 'registered'.

Your only option, is to try installing the W2K driver.

There is a work-around to force XP to install a W2K driver for Mustek scanners. I see no reason why the registry edit should not work for HP scanners also.

CAUTION: improper use of regedit can disable your computer! Proceed with caution.

Your only other option is a new printer / scanner.

There are a large number of printers and scanners that are not supported by XP.
The hardware manufactures all set different policies, but most set a cut-off date for how old of a product they would provide XP drivers for.

It takes many man-hours to write and test a device driver. For the most part, XP drivers are only available for products that were still under warranty when XP was released.


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Actually try this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 1 option

Go to the control Panel switch it to Classic View and then click on the Scanners & Cameras option this just might install the scanner drivers although the original software will not work with the scanner and there will be no power saving but some 3rd part programs will drive the scanner although you will have to switch it off between uses or the light will stay on and eventually burn out also you willnot be able to adjust the scanner resulation either so its really best to replace the scanner with one that is designed for XP. But the above just might get you out of your current problem until you can get another scanner.

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Another way is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to XP Scanner Installation I ...

If you have the install disk for XP Pro then you can uninstall it and use another OS that was of previous construction to XP it does have a backward licence, and that way you could use your scanner and its software without problems. However if like most of these new prebuilt pieces of technology they did not supply an install disk or recovery disk then you are suck with replacing the scanner. Or just maybe using the control pannel and searching for imaging devices XP just may reconise the scanner and if it is Twain compliant then maybe some software from an XP compliant scanner may work with your existing scanner. I don't know if it will work but its worth a try anyway.

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