XP Search - finding multiple filenames

By peter ·
I need users in our organisation to search in XP Pro SP2 for the presence of a number of filenames (23 to be exact) on their hard drives. I was told that simply separating the filenames with a semicolon ( in XP's Search Companion would work (e.g. check sheet.doc; pt.doc) but I get thousands of hits which are not related in any way, shape or form to the search terms I'm using.
This HAS to be in XP Pro (SP2) with no add-ons or gizmos. I've also tried using the "" character to enclose filenames with spaces, all to no avail.
Some of the filenames I'm looking for have one or more of these characters in them ()-._&

Any ideas out there?

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I hate XP's default search

by jayson.allen In reply to XP Search - finding multi ...

I recommend using a batch file or just have them type it out at a command line and pipe the results to a text file.
Use something like this from the root of the drive:
dir /s *.doc *.xls auto*.bat > %username%.txt
This will search for all Word and Excel documents as well as all files that start with auto and end with the .bat extension and create a file based on the user's login ID with a .txt extension. You can send it to a network share as well such as
dir /s *.doc *.xls auto*.bat > \\SERVER\SHARE\%username%.txt
so they don't have to worry about sending it to you. Put this in a batch file and have everyone run it.

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