XP Security

By terwillegar ·
I recently upgraded from WIN 2000PRO to XPPRO. I have 98 upgrades stacked in memory, which will not install. I suspect conflicting firewalls, virus or other programs preventing "intrusion". I downloaded SECURITY EXPLORER, but still can't find the problem. Suggestions?

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Any associated error message?

by IC-IT In reply to XP Security

If so please post it here or got to the Microsoft site to troubleshoot.
Check the error message button.

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Order of Updates

by TheChas In reply to XP Security

This is not an uncommon issue.

First, have you activated your copy of XP? For many updates, XP must be activated first.

You may need to force an install of a few updates manually before the other updates can load. Which updates depend on the version of XP you installed.

While connected to the Internet, click on the Windows Update link on the Start menu.

The first thing that should happen is an update to the ActiveX control that validates your copy of Windows.

If necessary, start with Service Pack 2. Which you may need to download manually from the Downloads page at

Next, select system level items like Windows Installer.

I do recommend installing the .Net updates in sequence. Update .Net 1 first, then .Net 2 and so on.

Be wary of driver updates offered by Microsoft. They very often cause more system problems than they correct.


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