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XP shared network drive disapear

By jclausen ·
Does anyone have an idea how to stop XP Pro from dropping network share drives. I have a few XP Pro workstations that at least once a day drop the network share drive. This has be going on for two years now. We have Windows 2000 server with 10 useres. One of the users PC just dropes the shared drive for no reason. I have to go back and remap the drive all the time. I have tried several fixes from Microsoft and the Experts Exchange and still is doing the same thing. Changed the time out for the share in the registry for both the server and the XP work station. Nothing has helped so far.

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by ccthompson In reply to XP shared network drive d ...

This may be way out there, but it sounds like you may have not checked it yet and maybe in your case isnt even in place.

But anyway, have you checked your login scripts? Possibly someone before you may have set them up, and by chance they are deleting the same drives you are mapping. Its possible I guess, just not too likely. The command in the script looks like this:

net use (drive letter) /delete

Location of scripts: C:\Winnt\System32\sysvol\company\sysvol\scripts.

Im pretty sure thats it, might want to do a search for the folder "Scripts" on you server and see whats in there.

Hope it helps.

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by jclausen In reply to

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I do not have any scripts running.
This is only happens on one XP Pro workstation. No net use scripts any where. This was a new server install 3 years ago and I am the only admin that can do anything on this server. The problem never came up till we upgraded to XP Pro.

Thanks for you input though.


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by Skidoggeruk In reply to XP shared network drive d ...

Here's a workaround.

Write a Map Drives batch file. I did this ages ago for VPN dialups, and found that this worked just as easily on the LAN,for the same problem you are experiencing.

Appreciate this is not a fix. Worth a thought?

Good Luck


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by Skidoggeruk In reply to

That is a good one from P.J., you coudl sych time from a login script....

I recall having a similar problem awhile back and it turned out to be the drop lead, that was actually dropping the network, long enough to break shares. Worth a look? Have a look at NIC/hub/switch as well?

Good Luck again

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to XP shared network drive d ...

I have come across situations when if the time on the server and PCs are out of sync by 5 mins or more, then network shares do not get mapped.
I suggest syncing time prefably with a NTP server.

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