xp shows 128 gig on 320 gig hard drive

By toptiger ·
xp does not recognize the full size of a new hard drive. is there a setting in xp to force the recognition?

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What does the BIOS show?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to xp shows 128 gig on 320 g ...

If the BIOS does not recognize the full size, Windows can not.

If the full size is shown in the BIOS, then whatever you used to prepare the drive to receive XP has probably created another partition for the missing space. What does the Disk Management in XP show? Does it have some space labeled as 'Unallocated'?

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Assuming that the BIOS can actually support a 320 GIG HDD

by OH Smeg In reply to xp shows 128 gig on 320 g ...

The original Version of XP can not. You need to slipstream SP2 or newer to the Install Disc and then do a clean install if you want to have all of the available space of the HDD in 1 Partition.

To do this you can use a product like nLite

Just be sure to read the Guides on nLite's Web Site on how to use the poroduct

You will of course need an original Install Disc, a copy of SP2 which you can download from M$ here

And a working CD or DVD Burner.

If you do not want all of the available HDD space on 1 Partition after loading SP2 go into the Disc Management and format the Unallocated Space in whatever form you require.

If you already have a XP Install Disc of SP2 or newer and are still getting the 128 GIG Capacity the Hardware can not support a HDD this big.


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