XP shutdown during install after wiping hard disk with Darik's boot & nuke

By viktor.lakics+techrepublic ·
Hi All,

This is not really a question,I managed to solve the problem, just wanted to let everyone know in case someone else bumps into the same issue...

I am selling my HP DV8000 laptop, so I wiped my 100 Gig HD clean with Darik's boot & nuke disk (short DoD method). Everything went fine then I wanted to do a fresh install of XP home. When the install reached the partitioning or format phase XP would simply shut down. After trying it a zillion times, sometimes it would start copying files, but never went further - just shutdown. I've tried everything, BIOS parameters, formatting with a different utility etc. to no avail. I thought about hardware issues, but I was able to do a clean Linux or Vista install on the disk. I also tried Xp professional, same issue. But I wanted to put XP home which came with the lappy (remember I am selling it).


I had another of the same HDs, which I did not sell and therefore have not wiped clean, but used as removable drive with a USB enclosure. So I backed up that disk, and replaced the wiped HD with it. Repartition, reformat with the XP install disk, and did a clean install without any problems whatsoever... The other (wiped)HD works just fine as a USB disk... So I do not know about other wiping utils, but Darik's boot & nuke definitely runs into an XP bug while installing XP on a nuked HD, while it is fine with Linux or Vista...

Hope this helps somebody, somewhere...


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Haven't you ignored an obvious possibility though?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to XP shutdown during instal ...

In your account of events, you are assuming that everything is remaining equal but by your own admission you changed the HDD over.

And you ran with the short DoD method.

In my book that's two variables that tend to unbalamce your supposedly balanced test environment. Add to that the fact you claim the 'bad' hard drive is now running perfectly as a slave drive. So what does that prove?

It tends to tell me that you changed the HDD over and got another HDD to accept the XP install. That leads me to believe there was something wrong with the first drive - not that Darik's Boot&Nuke was to blame.

If Boot&Nuke did something to the drive, how could Vista and Linux be installed without a problem?

The variables here are the hard drive and the XP install disc.

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More likely to be the HDD actually OM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Haven't you ignored an ob ...

As the XP Install Disc was used successfully with another HDD.

As the HDD was formatted by the XP install Disc and the install fell over when the system tried to copy files which is after the Format it has to be either the HDD or it's connection to the M'Board. Simply unplugging and replacing the same HDD may have been sufficient to cure this problem. Boot & Nuke couldn't have affected the HDD like this unless it's been overheated somewhere along the way and needed replacing.

Sounds very much like the HDD that was removed is out of Spec and exceeding the NB's Tolerances which is the real problem here.


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What would have been your suggestion then to solve this problem?

Ok. I did not say that I had a full surface scan on the HD as well, trying to see some bad sectors etc. I know this is not a 100% proof, but...

I tried the XP install about 20 times after changing various things in the BIOS, various partition configurations etc.. Every single time the XP install failed at either the format option or (2-3 times) or at the copying process (once). But most of time as soon as I put the cursor in the xp install on the actual partition where I wanted to put XP onto, it shut down. I had different partitioning schemes as well and it did not matter whether the partition was one huge chunk (the whole disk) or a smaller partition somewhere else. It would invariably shut down. Somewhere during the 20 consistent shutdowns with XP, I did a vista install (went fine, on the same partition which would kill my Xp install) then I went back to xp install wanting to use the exact same already formatted partition - and this would kill my install again. I did this with Linux as well, that worked fine just like Vista.

When I replaced the HD, it was very tighly seated and there was no loose connection (it is fixed with 2 screws in its position).

I admit the theoretical possibility that the drive was faulty and the other HD was OK. But after the process, I copied (in a different computer) about 90 Gig of data to the "faulty" drive without any problems whatsoever. + Linux and Vista installed on it fine. So while it is POSSIBLE that the drive was faulty I do not think that it is LIKELY. I rather think that the XP installer has a bug somewhere which chokes on a nuked drive and Linux and Vista installer does not have this bug (but of course this is a HYPOTHESIS only)

I could have run Darik's nuke&boot on the other drive to prove my point and end up a failed XP install (and it would still not prove the point cause you could say that I had another faulty drive), but after 5 hours of trying, I did not want to...

What would you have done at midnight when you need to post the laptop with a clean install of XP?

Anyway, more importantly how could you prove your point that it was a faulty drive and not a bug?

- Viktor

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Run a test with the HDD Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What would have been your ...

A complete list of the Drive Testing Utilities and download locations is located here


Or the majority of them are available on the Ultimate Boot CD available here



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Try killdisk...

Try Killdisk:
This will clean your hhd and make it ready for XP. You need to burn this to a cd. Once done then leave it in the drive and boot up your computer. It will take around 3 to 4 hours to wipe your drive with the ONE pass method.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks

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