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My work computer running XP-pro
all of a sudden started shutting off by itself. I read many post where it was hardware related. I
ran: mem test, hdd test, mother board test, check for hardware conflicts / issues, all tested OK.
I had no way to check for the power supply and realize it could be the culprit. The next day I decided to start in safemode and run anti-virus and malware software, which found nothing. Now
after the reboot the **** thing
is running fine?? Any body else ever run across anything like this?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to XP SHUTS DOWN BY ITSELF

I've seen cases where booting to Safe Mode appeared to fix a problem.

Long term, I suggest booting from the XP CD and running chkdsk /r, maybe even taking the Repair installation option.

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REPLY-Safe Mode appeared to fix a problem.

by CAMUSED In reply to Yeah.

Well 2 days and no shut downs!!!
Could it be that when I booted into safe mode to run those checks it fixed the problem? I have my doubts, but you never know with Windows OS. I'll keep my fingers X'd.

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Many possibilities

by oldbaritone In reply to XP SHUTS DOWN BY ITSELF

Power line glitches or a bad power cord might be. Power supply itself might be.
Bad or loose connection to power switch or bad power switch might be.
Laptop? Bad battery might be, bumped the cover switch might be.

Many signals can be sent to XP that it interprets as "shutdown request" so it's hard to tell with the minimal symptoms you've described.

Also check some of the settings in Power Management and see what might be interpreted as "Shutdown."

Sorry I can't be more help.


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REPLY - Many possibilities

by CAMUSED In reply to Many possibilities

Yea, my plan is to see how it does the next couple of days. Its a stand alone desktop.
Oh I did just check event viewer to see if it
may have logged any errors prior to the shut
downs. NOTHING. If it happens again I have 3
computers all the same config., I'll start swapping parts til I find the culprit. I just
wanted to confirm my thinking was going in the right direction, hardware not virus / malware.

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Could also be Temp Related

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to REPLY - Many possibilitie ...

The unit may appear to work better after starting in Safe Mode if the AC is cooler or the outside weather has taken a turn for the worse.


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REPLY - Could also be Temp Related

by CAMUSED In reply to Could also be Temp Relate ...

Hey quess what? This funny but dont think its the issue cause during the M.B. test I
checked CPU temp (46 degrees C), but the A/C
was broken here @ work and was fixed this morning. I quess these old CPU's are just flat worn out.

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I've had my main PC refuse to start, twice.

by Ron K. In reply to XP SHUTS DOWN BY ITSELF

I think that it's the power supply. I have 8 months of warranty left on it. It's hard to get the PC supplier to 'fix' something that's currently working. I'll get a better power supply later. <br>
So yeah, computers do weird things. I've had 2 BSOD after running the screensaver all night. It usually runs just fine.<br>
These computers (6 of them) mostly continue to be a mystery to me everyday.

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Could have been software related

by Splash101 In reply to XP SHUTS DOWN BY ITSELF

Maybe a reboot was scheduled and was STUCK in the buffer. Then by safe moding you cleared the buffer. I've seen this before with AV and tuning stuff. Just a thought.

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Could also be

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to XP SHUTS DOWN BY ITSELF

a practical joke by someone with admin rights.

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