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By arthyee ·
Hi All,

Previously using Windows 98, I have no problem transferring batches of scanned barcodes stored from a scanner to the pc using the com port.
Trasferring of the barcodes were fast and it took only a few seconds to upload 1000++ barcodes.

However, using windows xp, the uploading of data seems to pause a while, and it happens a few times during 1 session. Have tried setting the com port configuration; the same as used in windows 98 but still fail.

mode com1:9600,n,8,1,p

Anyone out there knows what's going on?

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by Blackcurrant In reply to XP SLOW COM1 TRANSFER


Open Help and Support and type

com port configure

then click search. Select the 'mode' entry and you will see a list of options for configuring a comm port. The instructions appear to be different to your example. You just need to use a slightly different syntax.

Good luck

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by dryflies In reply to XP SLOW COM1 TRANSFER

There is a lot that is not said about your problem. are you uploading to a proprietary software package or are you usig a terminal. what are the settings for handshaking? what other software is running while yu are doing this? what does the "p" at the end of your protocol settings mean? For a SWAG, try slowing down the baud rate. Often serial ports are set up with no handshaking which causes buffer overruns. most proprietary programs recognize the problem and do a retry. that could be what your pause is. Is it a new computer as well as a new OS? is your ground good between the two. Are you using hardware or software handshaking or none at all? Is your serial cable shielded? have you looked at the data using hyperterminal? have you tapped into the data stream and looked at the data immediatel before the pause? try sending the same set of barcodes over and over again. is the problem repeatable?

While not a good answer, this should get you going in the right direction. For my money, I would get a new BCR.

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Might solve the problem

by valdoltra In reply to XP SLOW COM1 TRANSFER


I had the same problem and I solved it with this:

Might work?


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