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XP Slow in Wireless Login

By mtsx1us ·
Seems my XP machines in a building connected to us by wireless (2MBps) experience EXTREMELY slow logins. Our clients authenticate via Novell server/client for Windows first, then are connected to the appropriate Windows AD in our "home" building second. When I remove them from any Windows domains, they do perform better, though not as well as they should. Win2K pro mahcines seem to have no such problems.

I'm thinking the local policies from the AD are the issue here, but am not sure.

Anyone else run into this?

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by BFilmFan In reply to XP Slow in Wireless Login

Sound slike Group Policy Objects are indeed the culprits.

How a Slow Link is Detected in A

Dfault GPO Behavior through a slow link:;en-us;227369&sd=tech

How many policies are being pushed out to the clients?

Is this slow link in a different AD site?

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by jturner In reply to XP Slow in Wireless Login

try pointing your DNS to the active directory server, i had a problem with slow logins not over wireless but still slow logins and once I did that it made logging in faster

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by rfdswa In reply to XP Slow in Wireless Login

I have seen this before.

From my past expereince it can be two separate but related issues;

1.) Do you have any AD policies being passed at login? At another site I worked at they had what I would say was a 'medium' set of GPO's that were being transferred during login, login times vaired from 30 secs to 2 mins depending on the load on the WLAN. Remember that RF is half-duplex and depending on the number of simultaneous logins (or even what other traffic is on the WLAN at the time)performance will suffer. Also remember that although connected at 2 Mbps your expected troughput will only be in the vincinty of approximately 1.5 Mbps without encryption (if your using WEP or WPA expect this to drop to almost 1 Mbps or less).

2.) As already mentioned ensuring that your DNS is setup correctly to point to the AD server can also lower resolution overhead dramatically.

However sounds to me like your primary culprit is the connection speed.

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by spidershrek In reply to XP Slow in Wireless Login

I had the same problem with the network. What worked for me was deleting any novel network drivers found on device mananger living the computer with the wireless and network card. Also to speed up the logging time try a usefull tip that i got from one of techrepublic downloads.
After logged in got to run and type PREFETCH and erase everything inside the folder. For more info do a search here in tech republic on prefetch. Hope it works

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