XP slow logon to 2008 domain - some users only

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We have a mix of XP and Win7 workstations all logging on to a Server 2008 domain. The Win7 machines log in just fine but the XP machines will sometimes hang for 30-35 minutes and even then the mapped drives won't be there. I've seen the posts about DNS, etc. and verified that's not the problem.

The real kicker here is - it's only certain user profiles and it's consistent. The users that hang do so on any XP machine and those that don't hang don't hang on any XP machine. All user profiles work fine on a Win7 machine. Again, very consistent and I can't help but think it's related to specific user profiles.

Some details:
- The DC, a terminal server and a file server are at a hosted site on the other end of a 10m VPN connection
- There are three mapped drivers in the login script, all to the file server.
- The Home Folder and Desktop are redirected to the file server
- The local workstations are attached to a security policy that prevents them from redirecting the desktop and home folder. The do still map the drives.

At one point I thought maybe the "bad" users had a lot of stuff on their desktop or home folder, but that theory was blown when the last three new users we added fell into the "bad" group. Besides many of the "good" ones are older profiles with lots of desktop/home folder files. So much for that variable.

All users are in the same security group. Any ideas on where else to look for differences between these users?


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by clchildress In reply to XP slow logon to 2008 dom ...

I hate to take shots in the dark, but it almost sounds like your "problem users" have some process that has to time out (possibly multiple times) before they get to the desktop. Have you tried temporarily disabling the startup scripts and/or folder redirection, just to see if the problem users' profiles load more quickly on XP?

Also, can anyone in your business pinpoint the exact time this troubling behavior began? A timeline often will help to reveal leads.

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