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XP sound problem

By edvin15 ·
I have no sound when watching videos online( windows
startup, shutdown, or any other windows related sounds. ( error, email,

I have sound when watching videos that are saved on my PC, I can play
games with sound, I can listen to streaming mp3's from using
windows media player. I can play mp3's just fine.

I've tried uninstalling reinstalling SB Live from device luck.

I've tried using a different sound card, tried uninstall codecs in safe
mode, then luck.

I've downloaded couple of reg fixes from - didn't work.

any ideas?


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Same problem here.

by gjcalemine In reply to XP sound problem

I am having the exact same problem. Have you managed to fix it in the meantime?

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no fix

by edvin15 In reply to Same problem here.

no fix yet. I gave up.

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Control Panel

by wynand.coetzee In reply to XP sound problem

Go to Sounds and Audio Devices under Control Panel
click on the Sounds tab, choose the Windows Default Sound Scheme and restart pc.
while you are there check speaker settings under Volume tab and choose your speaker setup under Advanced

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ive tried that

by edvin15 In reply to Control Panel

it already says windows default. I tried changing it to something else, and back....didn't work.

problem I have, has something to do with midi playback. If you check the Audio tab, the 3rd device listed (midi) is blank. I try to select one of the listed options...but it doesn't keep the settings. I click apply, ok, close the windows reopen it...its blank again.

same thing goes for Voice playback under voice tab.

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by wynand.coetzee In reply to ive tried that

what sound device do you have ( ALC850, SB Live ...)
Did you try downloading and installing the latest drivers.
is it integrated on the motherboard? if so reinstall the mb chpset drivers and then the sound drivers
( uninstall them firts )

Do you use win xp, reinstall SP2 and then directx 9c
it go's like this 1) win xp, 2) sp2, 3) directx 9c, 4) mb chipset drivers, 5) sound drivers
It's just funny that you say the sound works in games and mp3's

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thanks for the info.

by edvin15 In reply to drivers

I have SB live! (WDM).

I tried downloading and installing latest drivers...didn't work. I have onboard sound, but when I try to install the says that I do not have the correct chipset, and it stops the install. I've disabled onboard audio in bios.

SB live is a PCI card. Ill try reinstalling the apps you mentioned.


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MB info for drivers

by wynand.coetzee In reply to thanks for the info.

goto and download CPU-Z it will give you all the info needed to get the right drivers for the mobo

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I also have this problem, also stuck

by VanillaDeath In reply to ive tried that

I have exactly this problem. Windows sounds and any app that uses the Windows sound devices (instead of allowing you to specify any sound device) wont play, the options are stuck in a rather broken manner, no volume icon, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers countless times.

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Another victim

by cindy.bonner In reply to I also have this problem, ...

I, too, have this problem. It happened all of a sudden. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing drivers & checked all the settings, which are correct. Corporate IT, an IT friend & Dell are all working on it. Play button on Sound event tab is greyed out and you cannot change the midi from blank - it reverts back everytime. Someone said this could have been caused by a Windows update, but how do you know which one?
If anyone has any new ideas to try, please let me know.

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no sound problem fix

by dave In reply to Control Panel

Go to settings ,control panel,admin tools. component services. Look for Windows Audio and make sure it is running startup should be set to automatic. Hope this helps, my computer was doing the same thing no audio but now works fine.

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