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XP SP 2 Firewall

By Finster77 ·
Does it make any sense to turn on the firewall in SP 2 if we already set behind a corporate firewall?

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by JamesRL In reply to XP SP 2 Firewall

How well the corporate firewall is setup and how often it is updated in response to new threats.

Usually it takes time to make changes to such things. And some firewalls get holes poked in them all the time, to accomodate one program or another.

If you are concerned about security, turn it on. If you are Very concerned, get a better software firewall like zone alarm.


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by afram In reply to Depends....

I would suggest using the XP firewall. I understand it lacks in features, but it is usefull. An attack can come from inside the network too and does not necessarily have to pass through the corporate firewall.

Here, we have a firewall appliance, XP firewall, and the laptops also have Norton Internet Security.

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by Jaqui In reply to XP SP 2 Firewall

it never hurts to have each system with it's own firewall.

but only one active firewall with each system
if you use windows firewall don't put another one on also.

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Turn it off - There's no value there

by dafe2 In reply to XP SP 2 Firewall

Users in a corportae environment shouldn't have to deal with it - Nor should you be out there troubleshooting the phone calls that will result in it's implentation.

It will just burden your user community.....
and they have do to their jobs.

Leave your security where it belongs - In your server room.

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server firewall

by glyall In reply to Turn it off - There's no ...

with the server firewall is set at one location and has better protection than Windows XP Firewall will ever have. It can also block site/s for the whole network not just one unit like XP firewall. I can not go around setting XP firewall on 3000+ PC/laptop or use SMS for to make it change.

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It all depends

by house In reply to XP SP 2 Firewall

If you want to leave it on, it may take some tweaking on your part. I don't know how your network is set up, but it's hard to configure the software on a massive deployment after the machines are already on the floor. I have no use for Windows Firewall; it tends to hamper your communication efforts in an attempt to stop certain kinds of attacks. It takes a bit of research and configuration if you are going to let it stay.

If your corporate firewall and network are properly set up, then you could get rid of that garbage.

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outbound block

by secure_lockdown In reply to XP SP 2 Firewall

your local machine F/W (be it SP2 or any other software based F/W) will block unauthorized connection coming *out* of your machine.

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