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XP SP2 and illegal copy of XP SP1

By Andrew Scott ·
If, hypothetically speaking, I have a knock-off version of Windows XP SP1 installed on a PC, will trying to upgrade to SP2 cause any damage to my existing installation or will the installer simply say "uh oh! I've detected an illegal copy of Windows. Go straight to jail and do not pass go" and simply stop.

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How to

by Choppit In reply to XP SP2 and illegal copy o ...

Call Microsoft, they'll be able to advise you.......

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Hypothetically speaking

by JamesRL In reply to XP SP2 and illegal copy o ...

If you installed XP you had to enter a key and the installer saw that key as valid. Installing SP2 would not likely cause a problem there. But if you want to be safe, back up your data before you try.

You can get an OEM copy of windows pretty inexpensively these days.


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by cul8rm8e In reply to XP SP2 and illegal copy o ...

If you have an illegal copy of SP2 running on a XP based machine, then try to upgrade to SP2...

I would never endorse using illegal software and never use any myself however... as we all know there are millions out there who will use the illegal methods to have any software on thier HDD, as i know of a few people who do so and know of the issues or non-issues in this case.

Illegal SP1 to SP2 will work with no problems.

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