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    XP SP2 and Programs Not Responding


    by rob.lay ·

    Hi All, I have recently installed SP2 on a test machine for the network which I run, it doesn’t seem to be too bad, I haven’t had any of the program conflicts so talked about before SP2 was released, and the firewall even seems to be half decent. But (and there’s always at least 1 with microsoft!) My machine did slow down, this was resolved by rolling back the CPU driver upgrade. Also since installing SP2 various applications have a tendancy to stop responding when shutting them down, I also get processes popping up with not responding boxes at system shutdown. I have checked the CPU usage and this is still low so there is nothing hogging system resources. Has anyone else experienced this?? Any ideas would be really helpful.


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      Reply To: XP SP2 and Programs Not Responding

      by paul gowen ·

      In reply to XP SP2 and Programs Not Responding

      Which processes? I was running RC2 version for several months without any problems,

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        Not Sure

        by rob.lay ·

        In reply to Reply To: XP SP2 and Programs Not Responding

        Hi, I’m not sure at the moment, I’m still waiting for them to show themselves again, its not happening every time it shuts down. I’m having problems with outlook (attached to exchange on the network) and a program called Access Dimensions which uses a SQL backend.

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      Yep, some problems here…

      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to XP SP2 and Programs Not Responding

      I have some programs that err when I shut them down now. I think that MusicMatch Jukebox is one of them. I’m not positive yet though. I just installed it, but it seems like it is definately having problems, and I haven’t yet setup a test box to see if it is definately sp2 that is causing it yet.

      Also, my MMC for my ATI vid card, won’t install for version 9.02. It hangs with the file “IDriver.exe” running the processor at 100%.

      But if I install 9.01 and then update to 9.02 it works…

      Hope that this says something. The more I tinker with it, I’ll post.

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