xp sp2 failure

By bobstar001 ·
I bought a computer with Win XP Home, back when it first came out. It was even formatted in fat 32, I suppose because T.D. didn't know what they were doing. It came with restore disks that had a drive image on them instead of an actual copy of XP Home, and after I had to replace the motherboard, when the caps went bad, I could no longer use the restore disk. Too much hardware had changed and it wouldn't restore any more. I used a copy of Norton Ghost to restore the drive image to a secondary slave in my computer.

Everything is fine until I try to install XP service pack two. The installation goes fine, but when the machine reboots, it won't load windows, and gets stuck in a reboot loop. I can start it in safe mode, uninstall sp2, and it is fine afterwards, but I would like it to be fully updated and running well too.

I have tried to install sp2 before adding drivers, after adding drivers, Fat 32, NTFS, downloaded from windows update, and with my stand alone copy. The only thing I could find at MS was something about unix drivers for a scanner causing a reboot loop.I haven't installed any scanners. Also somthing about AMD 64 bit processors, and dep. I followed some instructions and disabled that but it didn't help.

What order should I update this old build to insure sp2 installs correctly?

ASUS A8v Deluxe, AMD64 3200+ , WD Raptor/W XP Pro, 2G Samsung ddr, WD 30G HDD/W XP Home,

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Hard drive check?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to xp sp2 failure

Have you run Check Disk on the hard drive? If there is a bad sector in the right (wrong) spot on the hard drive, it will not boot properly but gets stuck while loading Windows.

Depending on where the bad sector is, even if you are able to boot into Safe Mode and select the disk to be checked during a subsequent reboot, Windows may not be able to check the drive because it gets stuck during the reboot. Therefore it is best to disconnect the hard drive and connect it to a working PC as a secondary drive and run the error checking there, then put it back to the problem PC and hope for the best.

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Hard Drive Checked

by bobstar001 In reply to Hard drive check?

When I made the attempt to use Fat 32, I partitioned and formatted the hard drive with a win98 start disk. Also, when I ran the converter to change from Fat 32 to NTFS, it checked the hard drive at that time as well. The hard drive is installed as a secondary IDE drive in my SATA system.

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