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    XP Sp2 Firewall issue


    by michael.hume ·

    With the Microsoft Firewall, I would like to set up an Exception that would allow my network total PORTS open. The only problem is… you can only do One PORT at a time. I do not want to do this 65,000 + times. Is there a Command that can be set up to do this???

    Thanks in advance


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      Disable the firewall

      by clinton goveas ·

      In reply to XP Sp2 Firewall issue

      If you don’t want protection go to the Secrity Centre and simply disable the M$ firewall.

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        Thank you

        by michael.hume ·

        In reply to Disable the firewall

        Thanks for the Input, but I still want to have the Firewall enabled at the REMOTE End but I want the Remote END to allow ALL Ports OPEN, but only from my Subnet and still BLOCK everything else from any other IP Address…

        What I am having probemls with is that when I use my REMOTE Control app (Novell ZenWorks)to one of my VPN Tunnel clients(which is on a different Subnet), I have to get the client to DISABLE the Firewall, so I can Remote Control there machine.

        I can just OPEN the Ports ZenWorks uses, but we are in the Middle of a BIG… Migration from Novell to M$… I see that I can make exception for a certain Port to a Certain Subnet, but you can only do One Port at a time and here is where my problem lies, I do not what to do this 65K times for every Port to our Internal Subnet…

        Hope this makes sence…

        Thanks Again


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      A few things.

      by mrafrohead ·

      In reply to XP Sp2 Firewall issue

      Personally, if I were you, with what you are talking about, it sounds like you need to disable this firewall and use something else. I don’t think that the MS FW will actually support what you are talking about in a very easy manner.

      Though, looking at it, I think if you went into the Security Center, opened the Firewall.

      On the “Exceptions” tab, click “Add Port”.

      In the new box labeled “Add a port” click on the “Change Scope” button. I think that you can add the whole subnet inside of there…

      I’m not changing all of my fw settings to confirm this though. Hope that it helps.

      In all seriousness though, the MS FW was not designed for complex rules. It is just a simple FW made more or less for home users.

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