XP sp2 installation stops part way w/ no error message

By white owl ·
I have a problem with my sp2 installing process. I put off installing this for so long and was ready to go for it today. I downloaded it from the Microsoft update page and began installation. All looked fine. Then it simply stopped. I have looked at the log file in the Windows folder, so I can easily access that if that would help anyone discern the problem.

I realize the installation could have long pauses in terms of the process indicator bar, but it's been a while.... It is showing that it's over half way installed.

The Setup Wizard box is showing that it is stalled at the point of "Creating Cabinets." Here it is indicated it's over half way too.

Shall I simply cancel and double check that there is nothing running in the background (there shouldn't be) and try again?

Yes, I have plenty of room in the C partition - about 9.5 GB.

I am installing over sp1 - there is just no way I can start over with all that I have on my computer. If I can't do it this way, I just won't do it at all. I can live without it!

Thank you so much for your help!


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Just had a similar problem

by XT John In reply to XP sp2 installation stops ...

I was out on a call yesterday, and 3 of their machines needed service pack 2. One had it already to be installed and 2 didn't. Machine 2 wouldn't let me download it, but ran the file from my flash drive. Machine 3... oy! It would freeze while accessing my flash drive. It refused to access any updates from the Microsoft website. I restarted teh machine in safe mode, and ran the sp2 update that way form my flash... worked like a champ:) hope that works!

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great ... but no flash drive

by white owl In reply to Just had a similar proble ...

A good solve for you! I don't have a flash drive, so I don't know how I could install from Safe Mode - since I need to be online to do the install ... unless there is there a way I can get the files on my hard drive and open up in Safe Mode. This Microsoft update page is the only place I could find - and it's a download/install package deal there.

Thanks so much.

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safe mode with networking

by XT John In reply to great ... but no flash dr ...

If ever you need to access the internet from within safe mode, select safe mode with networking. In this situation, It may work, or you can download the entire sp2 file from Microsoft first:


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good tips, John

by white owl In reply to safe mode with networking

I am downloading sp2 from this page now and will try installing in Safe Mode. Thank you for this link!

I also found a resource here for a stalling problem when installing sp2: http://chrisllorca.com/knowledgebase/service_pack_2. Chris' posting tells of a problem with FixCCS.exe. I had looked into my task manager and noticed this running in the background and that it was taking up 50% of the cpu, so I checked out the program in Google and found Chris' information. I may try disabling this program also.

Thank you very much, John, for the great tips.

I will post my results.


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Success - XP SP2 installed over SP1

by white owl In reply to safe mode with networking

I was able to install SP2 successfully over SP1 after downloading the file from your link at Microsoft and then installing the file from my computer. There was still the issue of the file I mentioned above, FixCCS.exe ... I did a search for it and was able to locate it ... am not sure of the details on this ... but I renamed it so it would not run. The install took forever, but it completed successfully. There was nothing running in the background that I know of - checked the task manager for that. I did the installation without going into Safe Mode - I wanted to try that first - and it worked.

I am grateful to you for your link so that I could download the file instead of doing the install "live" from the site. Also disabling that .exe was helpful.

Thanks very much,

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