XP SP3 Benefits and Disadvantages

By wesley.chin ·
What are the benefits of installing SP3?

What are the disadvantages of installing SP3?

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by omegafire In reply to XP SP3 Benefits and Disad ...

As for the benefits check out what Microsoft has to say about it...

Go to the "Files in this Download" section and download the content in whatever format you want. It gives a detailed list of what the service pack includes.

The main things I found were improved security and all the previous updates are included in SP3. I found it easier to just download the redistributable package and then install. Much quicker.

I installed the new service pack on all our company computers with little to no problems. In some rare cases, after installing SP3 I was unable to get more updates from Microsoft's website. Other than that, no real problems.

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Well the Possible Benefits have been covered above

by OH Smeg In reply to XP SP3 Benefits and Disad ...

The main Disadvantage is that if everything is currently working well you run the risk of introducing problems to a Network that may be costly and completely unnecessary.

However as SP3 isn't much of a Service Pack it's mostly previously released Patches there isn't much of an issue with it unless you have computers that are affected by the CPU Bug that M$ has made mention of and it's not confined to just HP computers I've seen one model of Acer NB's with the same issue and they didn't have AMD CPU's they have Intel CPU's.


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by asif king of virus In reply to XP SP3 Benefits and Disad ...

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