XP-SP3 installed ... C drive free space reduced drastically

By abanerji ·
I have a Compaq laptop with a 80 GB hard disc, of which C drive is 15 GB. The OS has been XP-Pro SP2, and generally, about 50% space (7 to 8 GB) in C drive used to remain free.

I have just installed SP3, and find free space at only 3 GB. In other words, 4 GB seems to have been lost to SP3 installation process. After installation of SP3, OS has been fully patched, vetted by Secunia.
I have also used CCleaner, but it cleaned few MBs.

The broad breakdown of the used space of 12 GB is as follows :-

a) Windows 6.6 GB
b) Program files 2.4 GB
c) Documents & Settings 1 GB : I don't use MyDocuments, and this contains only my OE mails.

Any advice to reclaim lost space will be very appreciated.


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I fail to see

by santeewelding In reply to XP-SP3 installed ... C dr ...

How the difference is functionally significant.

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Functional significance

by abanerji In reply to I fail to see

Well, I am not a technical person. I was told that C drive should have "sufficient" free space.

So, according to you, what percentage of free space in C drive is ok?

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Sounds a bit high...

by Slayer_ In reply to XP-SP3 installed ... C dr ...

My windows folder is 4.27gb.

Have you tried running disk cleanup? This will often let you clean out old stuff.

Or in CCleaner, there should be an option to delete old Windows Update uninstallers. Turn that on. This will wipe out the SP3 uninstall, and the backup files. XP will have backed up most of your Windows folder on the install of SP3.

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by abanerji In reply to Sounds a bit high...

Thanks for your response. I generally use both CCleaner and ATF Cleaner.

Wondering if bloated System Restore is the root cause. Any views on this aspect please?

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It can happen but

by Slayer_ In reply to Cleanup

if only 15 gigs of space on the drive, that's not a lot of space for system restore. You can always try though. Just open up system restore settings, turn it off, click OK, Windows will then wipe out all restore points. Then turn it back on.
Finally, check your HDD space, how much did it reclaim?

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Sorry, just returned to the forum ...

by abanerji In reply to It can happen but

Thanks for replying. Have been busy, so not yet tried anything to clean-up. My C drive space optimisation is important, but not urgent ... so, will try in few days.

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