xp sp3 Internet Explorer page setup issue

By m_giraldi ·
I installed xp sp3 on an hp dc5800. Since then when printing from ie6 it defaults to Envelope #10. I change it to letter in page setup to print but after closing the browser it defaults back to Envelope #10.
Any suggestions?

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Assuming that you're using the latest-greatest printer driver...

by robo_dev In reply to xp sp3 Internet Explorer ...

Then I would start poking around in the registry at:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\PageSetup\printer

It may sound odd, but I would try setting the default to Envelope #10 and see if it does the opposite.

I assume you have uninstalled/reinstalled the printer driver?

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page setup

by m_giraldi In reply to Assuming that you're usin ...

I do have the latest and greatest print driver. That did not make a difference. I just found out that it is also defaulting to Envelope #10 when printing from Outlook. I change it to letter but it goes back to Envelope #10 after closing and re-opening.
I checked the regedit suggested but don't have printer as an option after PageSetup.
I tested Word and that prints fine.

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check word

by Kenone In reply to page setup

open a blank word doc and check the page setup there if it's not letter then change it and click the "Default" at the bottom.

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check word

by m_giraldi In reply to check word

Word is set to Letter and prints as it should.

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by shasca In reply to xp sp3 Internet Explorer ...

What is the default setting on the Print Server/Print Share/ Local printer? A change there should set the default action. Setting it in Internet Explorer is only temporary for that session.

What printer Model, and what driver are you having this issue with

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by m_giraldi In reply to settings

It is a local printer hooked directly to that pc. It is a HP 2300L with an HP driver, 1-25-2007, verison
That seems to be the most current driver I can get for that printer.

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We have almost the same printer....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Settings

... although ours is HP 2300D (duplex).

There is a control panel on the front of the printer. Set it so tray 2 has letter in it, tray 1 being the manual feed.

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by m_giraldi In reply to settings

I forgot to mention the printer is set to 'Letter'.

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by shasca In reply to settings

Does it have more than one tray, and does it have anything set for letter on any of those trays? including manual feed.

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by m_giraldi In reply to xp sp3 Internet Explorer ...

Thank you everyone for the tips and things to check.
This is my first time posting on TechRepublic.
I wound up uninstalling/reinstalling the printer and all printing is back to normal.

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