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XP SP3 messes up DNS: Ahh the many joys of Windows.

By robo_dev ·
I thought it was just me, but it turns our that Windows XP update SP3 can make DNS stop working.

Not that this a newsflash, but I had this issue on a new laptop with XP SP3.

There are some weird problems with DHCP and DNS which it seems that everybody is aware of, but there are no specific cures, just yet.

I tried using the new laptop at a wifi hotspot, and could only surf by IP address, which is not too much fun.

I did not spend a lot of time on the issue, but it's related to DHCP, NAC, and UDP return-path issues for DNS.

Some people have reported that uninstalling IPV6 can help.

Others were able to set static DNS settings and it works.

The thought is that the issue is related the the way the SP3 processes DNS requests thru svchost.exe, which changes both how apps interact with DNS on the local machine, and it also throws a curve ball at your local firewall settings.

In some cases the local client does not get the DNS server from the DHCP server...

This problem occurs when option 43 does not appear at the end of the option list in the DHCP packet. Because a Windows XP SP3-based client computer assumes that option 43 will always appear at the end of the option list, the client does not parse any DHCP options that appear after option 43. This behavior causes the system to drop any DHCP options that appear after option 43 in the option list.

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