xp sp3 upgrade problem

By lucentmoon ·
really need some assistance thx in advance :)

attempting to do a windows repair, (second repair option) with a xp pro sp3 corp cd.
here is where my problem comes in. i assumed my buddy was running pro on his laptop, when in fact it has media center edition (sp3) didnt realize till it didnt take the volume license key i usually use in the shop.

So breakdown... accidentally ran second repair option with a sp3 corp. cd with xp media center OS installed. so the repair is running as an upgrade stuck on the product key, i've checked the setupp.ini file
so shouldnt it take the volume license key?

Unfortunately i dont have a media center cd to perform a repair correctly.
Any ideas around this?

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Chances are...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to xp sp3 upgrade problem

... Media Center is not in the upgrade path for that volume license. You're probably going to need to wipe and start over.

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I was going to say the same thing

by wanttocancel In reply to Chances are...

I've done this with a laptop that used Vista Basic and I installed XP Home (I read the COA label too fast). I had to reformat and start over.

Media Center is sorta like XP but it does have some features (like the media center part) that you can only get from the disc. You might need to order a recovery disc from the laptop maker or find someone that has the Media Center disc.

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is this possible?

by lucentmoon In reply to Chances are...

i am definitely planning on booting with a flash drive to backup essentials, But!! (No easy way to say this)
Since the corp cd identifies that it is trying to upgrade from media center.... Is there a particular file it reads this from? as to possibly change media center to Xp Pro Corp in the particular file it reads the OS version from?
i realize im hanging by a thread of hope here cause i have no way of getting easy access to a media center CD.
could anybody point the right direction for an iso of media center? or any other remotely possible options?

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No easy way to say this.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to is this possible?

... There is nothing you can do to this computer with the CD you have. Even if there was, upgrading your "buddy's laptop" with the Corporate CD is stealing and could jeopardize your job. Have the "buddy" go buy the proper CD and license.

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