XP SP3 Windows Explorer (Not IE) Freezing

By garwatts ·
I am able to use Explorer OK in safe mode for looking at folders and files but not in normal mode. My PC boots OK and quickly, but takes ages to display the taskbar. It sits just showing the desktop for 20 minutes + I am able to load task manager and can run my browser through task manager OK. When it eventually allows access to the Start menu it will freeze again as I run the mouse over the menu options.

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A couple of things to try

by oldbaritone In reply to XP SP3 Windows Explorer ( ...

Disconnect (Un-map) all mapped network drives.

Run a registry integrity checker like ccleaner (

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download and run

by Sue T In reply to XP SP3 Windows Explorer ( ...

autoruns. It sounds like you might have a lot of programs starting automatically. So run autoruns and look to see what all it says it starting automatically. There will most likely be things you can stop from loading automatically and that might help your 20 minutes decrease.
good luck.

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download and run

by garwatts In reply to download and run

Actuallt don't have more than three at the moment and have stopped all non microsoft services as well. There does seem to be a few problems.....
Thes sound has disappeared and numerous file connections. ie on opening folders I have to point it at Explorer everytime because the tick box is grayed out. The icons for Word and Excel have also gone AWOL although the programs still run OK. AVG also keeps losing the firewall.

I've now disabled a whole swathe of Microsft services in msconfig and am now able to access files and folders. When it Explorer the folders in the left frame open OK but the ones in the right hand frame don't (without being pointed to Explorer.exe each time). I think I will ditch MS for Ubuntu if I can't get to the bottom of it.....

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You obviously haven't used Sysinternal's Autoruns.

by Ron K. In reply to download and run

If you think there are only 3 things starting when you start your computer you are wrong, wrong, wrong. There are <b>hundreds</b> of things. <b>One</b> of them could be the entire problem but you won't know until you run Autoruns and verify each item.

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You obviously haven't used Sysinternal's Autoruns.

by garwatts In reply to You obviously haven't use ...

When I said three things I was referring only to the items listed on startup in the msconfig.

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by Ron K. In reply to You obviously haven't use ...

Those barely count compared to what happens 'behind the scenes'.
If you don't want to run Autoruns and trace down everything that's starting behind the scenes I'm cool with that. Not my computer; not my problem. <br>
Have a marvelous day!

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Mine does this all the time

by Slayer_ In reply to XP SP3 Windows Explorer ( ...

Generally what I do is let it start firing up, if the taskbar looks frozen, I open up taskmanager, and choose log off. When it finishes logging off, I log back in and it works. Keeps working till the next restart.

If you get the welcome screen, and it won't let you click your name or type your password (stupid XP), press Control + Alt + Delete twice and it will remove the welcome screen and give you a login prompt instead.

IF this is not your problem, try uninstalling SP3, this will cause a huge rollback of your system and pretty much fix any problems that have developed since its installation, you can then let Windows Update redownload and install SP3.

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system restore

by mafergus In reply to Mine does this all the ti ...

Have you ever tried system restore? If so is(are) there any points where you can see a common install or update?

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system restore

by garwatts In reply to system restore

Yes that was the first port of call - unfortunately nothing there

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I will check event viewer first

by BizIntelligence In reply to XP SP3 Windows Explorer ( ...

Boot in safe mode and then check event viewer for application and system log. Look for errors and warnings.

or try this post

Different solutions and most of them have worked for others.

Cheers !

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