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xp start up problems

By blarney_army ·
When i start my pc 60% it will not start up the xp logo appears then i just get a black screen have done a virus check and it seems to be clean i also cannot sp2 on to it just seems to stop loading?

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by sm-honeycutt In reply to xp start up problems

The first thing I'd try would be to reinstall your copy of windows on top of the previous copy and see if that will fix the problem.

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by Josh7892 In reply to xp start up problems

Have you tried to start windows in safe mode? Start the PC in safe mode then attempt to scan for spyware/viri & install SP2.

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by DeN inc. In reply to xp start up problems

try repairing the problem from your windows CD. It could be your registry which is giving you such problems.

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by clifford.laubscher In reply to xp start up problems

i suggest restaring in safe mode and setting your screen resolution and refresh rate to lower levels.

xp should boot into the operating system after the logo screen and if the screen just goes black i'd say you got a resolution problem.

also check that your screen type and display card are revlected as their true types in device manager. having either one of the two incorrectly installed may cause windows to set diaplay related settings outside the scope of your hardware resulting in this particular problem.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to xp start up problems


You should check your event logs for any entries relating to problems starting hardware or software during the times you are unable to boot.

Run msconfig from the Run dialog box and stop all programs located in the stratup tab from running, and stop all non-Microsoft services from loading at startup.

If your machine boots fine then you have a rogue program which you can identify by enabling the programs/services one at a time and then rebooting until you find the culprit.

Have you also tried running several spyware/adware checkers? When you ran your virus check did you run it with system restore turned off? This is essential if you want to catch and remove viruses. Finally, do you use a paid professional virus checker or do you use a 'free' one. Quite a few of free ones do not update as regularly as paid versions and are nowhere near as good either.

Good luck

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by bmedlock In reply to xp start up problems

Have you tested for hardware failure?
If you have here's my advice:
Boot to the Recovery Console using the Windows XP CD. Run CHKDSK. Go to safe made, use msconfig to remove ALL startup programs, try to boot. If it boots, run "sfc /scannow". Try sp2. If it still doesn't work, reboot with the XP CD and do a repair install. If you're still out of luck you have two options at this point depending on which way you want to go. You're problem is software or hardware(duh!), so which do you want to pursue. If you suspect it's all software, backup, format and reload. If you suspect hardware, remove all unnecessary hardware if possible. Necessary hardware includes, mobo, CPU/Fan, RAM, Video Card, & Hard Drive. Now boot and see if you still have trouble. If you can't take it from here, you should hire someone!

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by BHunsinger In reply to xp start up problems

First try booting in vga mode. this will reset your video adapter to very basic settings. If this does not work it is not a video settings issue. Then try booting in safe mode. No Luck? Try to restore the pc to the time before attempting to install sp2. If that does not work, hook your HD to a different machine running W2K or XP and see if you can read the drive. If you can, backup all your data; make sure you have current drivers and bios settings and then if you do, do a clean install then the sp2.

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by OTL In reply to xp start up problems

In order I would;

1. Run anti-spyware program(s) (Spy-bot, Ad-Aware, Microsoft Beta)

2. Once booted remove all XP SP2 entries (including HFix's).

3. Ensure your AV is up to date and run another systemm scan (with heuristic scan enabled)

4. Verify you have enough HD space for SP2, then update your OS.

5. Rerun Anti-spyware and AV.

Note: Any major booting problems with the above, try repairing the system from the CD. Will have to repatch when this is completed.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to xp start up problems

What have you changed recently?

If all the above fail you then before you do a clean install of XP first check your memory if you have recently added a new stick of RAM it may quite likely be causing timing conflicts with the other older RAM or even the CPU itself and failing to boot in a reliable manner.

The fact that this is an intermittent tends to point to the RAM as any software problem should be a constant problem unless it isn't being loaded on startup when the computer starts.

If you have an Intel P4 you'll need to flash the BIOS before installing SP2 as well incidentally just how old is your hardware? There could be some basic conflicts between some of it and Windows XP SP2 while not overly common I've seen this happen quite a lot with older hardware and SP 1 where the SP wouldn't install properly or it would install and on reboot the MBR had disappeared.

If the RAM checks out as OK try disconnecting any CD/DVD Burner/s that you might have and then reboot and see if SP2 will install properly.

Lets know if this is of any help and if you need any more information.


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by jkaras In reply to xp start up problems

SO far everyone else nailed the techincal how to and am quite sure they are right. However you havent given all that much information. Is this a prefab computer or is it custom built? If prefab is it a Dell? Lately they have had bad capacitors on the AGP port that swell. When they get swollen the video cuts off, but the pc keeps running. Is this a pc or a laptop? Does the pc keep running during the blackness? Have you tried replacing the video cable or testing another monitor to rule out the simple stuff? WHat steps have you done so far? (in detail) Can you list your parts so we might understand what issues either of them have? How did you run a virus check if you havent gotten past the splash screen? IF you could provide more information we all could better assist. Good luck.

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