XP starts, but no available options load after

By Jonan83 ·
Does any body no how to get Windows XP to boot aftera virus? Apparently picked up a virus from a friends computer through my flash drive. have no security on my computer, nor internet connection. some sort of privacy window popped up but won't let anything else run now. I can get rid of it with Ctrl Alt Del, but then all I have is my background picture, and the start up menu and file forlders never load.
what should i do to restart my computer?



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by tmalo627 In reply to XP starts, but no availab ...
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remove the virus or reboot?

by dr.engnr In reply to XP starts, but no availab ...

not sure if you are asking how to remove the malware or restart the pc. to restart it just hold down the power button.

to do a scan you can either use something like the Ultimate Boot CD or a regular av scan. when you ctrl+alt+delete and kill that process and you are at your desktop, you can press ctrl+alt+delete again -> Applications -> New Task -> "Explorer.exe". this usually temorarily restores your desktop/taskbar. now go download malwarebytes antimalware and run it.

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If your not connected to the internet

by Jacky Howe In reply to XP starts, but no availab ...

on that System, when you download MBAM download this update to go with it.
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>mbam-rules</u></a>

Also run this Rootkit Revealer GMer
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Gmer</u></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><u>FAQ</u></a>

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After reboot

by Twors88 In reply to XP starts, but no availab ...

To start the computer in safe mode, press F8 during the end of the bios screen. The press boot to safe mode. From there you can run an antivirus program or spybot S&D, my favorite antispyware. To get the icons back, open a command prompt and run explorer.exe

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