XP still sees old shares, sometimes doesn't see new shares

By cldicre ·
We have a file server running Server 2003. We had a shared folder named "sharing". We formatted the server, kept the same name for the server, the new shared folder is called "sharing1".

Both the old and new folders were enabled for offline files and synced.

The problem is two fold:

1. Some PCs still see the old sharing folder, and are able to navigate its structure even though it doesnt exist on the server.

2. Some PCs don't see the new sharing folder.

The reference to the old shared folder still appears in the offline files sync list.

Tried removing the old shares from network neighbourhood.

Tried browsing via ip address and not server name, that worked for SOME pcs but not all.

The AD and DNS server are on another server.

I want them not to see the old shares and only see the new shares.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Check AD

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to XP still sees old shares, ...

Check if the share folder is published on the AD, if yes, delete it.

And for offline files, when the server is not available (offline mode), the client will access the same share \\server\share , from the local drive on the client.
So, delete the share folder from offline files settings.

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Use a batch file to force disconnections

by DMambo In reply to XP still sees old shares, ...

Here's a great discription of the Net Use command:

In short, if you have a batch file to disconnect all the old shares, then re-map them, you should be OK. I think what you're probably seeing is the local synchronization files for the users who still see the "old" shares.

Edit: Here's a good TR article as well:

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