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    XP Sysprep Problems


    by joe41 ·

    I am new to using sysprep in XP. I have no problems using the utility in 2000.

    My problem is that after resealing and shutting the computer down, I try to test the sysprep configuration on the same machine by booting the machine. The setup seems to be working properly until it gets to the mini setup screen. Then it hangs and never finishes. I have waited 2 hours or more.

    I should note that I am using the sysprep.inf file and I have correctly specified all of the settings. I have eventried to run the syspep without any flags and still get the same problem. I repeat: I am testing the sysprep image on the same computer directly after resealing and shutting down.

    The computer is a Gateway all-in-one running at 2.0 GHZ. It is a relatively new machine without any modifications.

    Any Ideas???

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      XP Sysprep Problems

      by mrandrewking ·

      In reply to XP Sysprep Problems

      Make sure you have the latest version of Sysprep for XP, the w2k verison does not work.

      Also try to allow XP to autodetect the mass storage devices. To your inf add the syspre section, and an empty BuildMassStorageSection:

      BuildMassStorageSection = yes


      This automatic detection will also allow you to use the same image on most computers (laptops and desktops, SCSI and IDE)

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      XP Sysprep Problems

      by nrodriguez ·

      In reply to XP Sysprep Problems

      Do you have 2 video cards in the machine? I once spent hours trying to reload 2000 and finally realized that when I got the the setup screen it froze. Well actually it didn’t. The other video card took over.

      hope this helps…..

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        Reply To: XP Sysprep Problems

        by joe41 ·

        In reply to XP Sysprep Problems

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