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    XP system files


    by p.hodgeson ·

    Have a pc running xp pro and every so often on boot up you get a dos looking screen saying it can’t boot because ********* file is missing or corrupt.the first few times it was the c\windows\system32\windows\config file and last time it was windows root>\system32\hal.dll and it has been one more different one which I can’t remember…..any ideas, sick of re-installing it or trying recovery console…..

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      by joseph moore ·

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      To me, it sounds like XP is not compatible with the hardware you are running.

      c\windows\system32\windows\config means a REgistry hive went bad.
      windows root>\system32\hal.dll controls the CPU chipset.

      My gut feeling is that your machine has some non-XP compatible hardware (maybe the motherboard) and you need to resolve that or XP is just gonna keep acting up.

      Go to the Windows Hardware and Driver Central page:

      to read about running a test on your system to make sure it is XP Compatible.

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      by saihib ·

      In reply to XP system files

      Post a comment giving us a hardware rundown.

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