XP to Windows 7 File transfer

By Technoide ·
I recently built a new computer for my mother inlaw and installed windows 7 on it. I am trying to transfer some files from her old xp ntfs formatted hard drive, when i do it says I do not have permission. so then I take control of the file as administrator on my win 7 ultimate computer. it then asks if I want to take control of all sub folders and files and I say yes. I then try to copy the files over to another HDD and it starts then about half way through it says I do not have permission or authorization to do so. What am I doing wrong? and what can I do to pull these files off of the old xp hard drive. If it helps they are pictures and word docs. (no software adds)

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Save yourself a LOT of hassle for just a few bucks.

by Ron K. In reply to XP to Windows 7 File tran ... <br>
I've used it twice and it's well worth the price. I'll never transfer files any other way again.

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Permissions to propagate to all subfolders and files?(nt)

by NexS In reply to XP to Windows 7 File tran ...
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Yes - to all folders and subfolders

by Technoide In reply to Permissions to propagate ...
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Ron is right as above, but...

by NexS In reply to Yes - to all folders and ...

But I'm kind of stubborn. You see I'd go ahead and do it sub-folder by sub-folder until I find the problem file and DESTROY it!

I'd show it the wrath of ADMIN!

But that's just me.

One more thing, Have you replaced the "owner" as yourself or which ever user is logged on whilst doing this?(keeping in mind you'll have to be an admin account)

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I replaced owner

by Technoide In reply to Ron is right as above, bu ...

I took ownership of the whole drive. I am also like you I am stubborn too - I know software solutions are easier but I don't learn anything and I hate giving people money when I am capable of doing myself. LOL

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I had an issue with a similar...

by NexS In reply to I replaced owner

Problem to this. Actually, the SAME problem.
When the error pops up, it should tell you which file it's complaining about. In my case it complained about some old "PDT" backups that wouldn't change the owner or permission.... so I deleted them.(they weren't needed anyway). THEN it complained about some file names with special characters, so I fixed the names. Then names were too long, etc.
I changed them all.
I won.
I took my crown back and rejoiced with all those close to the throne.

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Are you logged in as

by BizIntelligence In reply to XP to Windows 7 File tran ...

local administrator or some other user account?

Try changing the "User Account Control Settings" to Never Notify....if it doesn't make any difference then login as local administrator and try again...

Or change permission to allow everyone full control and replace on sub-folders.

Have a look at here:

Cheers !

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