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    XP units having trouble finding domain


    by jtankard ·


    Since a power outage a few weeks ago several of my XP Pro SP3 units are having trouble accessing the domain. I try to log into them with my username and password and get error messages saying the domain is unavailable. a restart with last known good configuration works on some, others I have to log into the unit as admin. Of those the network ID wizard works with some. Others I have to join a workgroup then rejoin the domain. That fixes most of them, but there are a few that revert after shutdown or restart and I have to repeat the procedure. Is there anything other than wiping that I can try? These are instructional computers for blind students and are loaded with lots of assistive software that I really don’t want to have to reload if at all possible.

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      check the BIOS date and time

      by glen.harris ·

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      My guess is that the battery has gone flat and therefore the PC clock time is wrong which breaks the trust relationship between AD and the workstation

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