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    xp user log off


    by garzam ·

    I recently installed xp on my computer with 4 different users and only myself as an administrator, all others are restricted. My concern is that when any one of us is logged on and the computer is left alone for about 5 minutes the sceensaver kicks in, we move the mouse to get back in, the pc averts back to the logon screen where any one can logback on. Is this a regedit feature or is it user account feature. Please advice
    Thank You Manuel
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      xp user log off

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to xp user log off

      In the control panel / user accounts…

      You want to change the way users log on. Uncheck the fast user switching box.

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      xp user log off

      by nmead ·

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      you have ‘Fast User Switching’ enabled. Any user can login, but they will start a new session, the other session will remain active in the background. If the second user tries to restart the PC, they will be told that someone else is logged in.

      Here is the way to change the behaviour of fast user switching:


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      xp user log off

      by baashe13 ·

      In reply to xp user log off

      If you don’t want the screen saver to lockup you can remove screen saver password protection otherwise go control/user accounts/change the way users log on or off.

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